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This is Silky Desi demonstrating the cheerful and friendly disposition we find in so many of our small buddies.

Small dogs are full of courage; they have a cheerful, devil-may-care attitude. From sweet Cavaliers to sassy Silkys, they know their job is to brighten our day. They deserve their own website.

About Small Dogs is resource and community, here to answer your questions and to be a place where you can share your stories. Your buddy deserves the very best, we will be sure to let you know when we find something that blows our socks off. And the nice part is that the best stuff doesn’t have to be super pricey.

It is easy these days to find data on the internet, but rare to find real and helpful information from true experts. Here you can declare your freedom from content farms and cookie cutter information. All the posts were written by real trainers with years of personal experience. Most of them were written by me, Sandy Mesmer.

I have been breeding and showing Silky Terriers for the last 33 years. My goal has always been to breed a better dog, in mind and body. Tessier Silkys has achieved 2 World and 95 AKC Championships, so we have done okay.

Over the years, I have accumulated a body of simple, workable tips about behavior and training and I have lots of really smart dog friends. My friends and I can answer a multitude of questions. Click below and to the left for lots of answers.

This website is packed with information on dog breeds, from the American Eskimo to the Xoloitzcuintli. There are free coloring pages and delightful dog cards by a Maxwell nominated artist -- that's me!

Try out all our pages, enjoy the site, and remember that we love to hear from you too. You can write your own page about your own buddy, tell everyone about a cool product you have found, or just vent. Join the conversation!



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Small Dog Shopping

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