(Definition of cheeky from the American Heritage Dictionary:
"Impertinently bold; impudent and saucy.")

Time flies when you are having fun. The kids have been in school for about a month and hopefully have gotten back into the groove of homework and extracurricular activities.

In Clearwater, the weather is still sweltering. I'm in San Jose this week and I just heard that it's 112 degrees in downtown Los Angeles.

Keep your cheeky little devils inside and hydrated. Cooler weather is coming soon -- I hope.

We will be going to a four day show one hour east of Sarasota the second week in October, bringing out a bunch of the babies, as it's a small show, good for youngsters.

They usually make a fool of us the first couple of shows, refusing to walk or charging ahead at a dead run. Then the judge takes us kindly aside and tells us we should probably train our dogs. (Yes, ma'am.)

See below for several articles you won't find on the website.

But I've also been busy last month and posted lots of new stuff, including a Sitemap so you can find your way around easier. About Small Dogs is about to pass 100 pages!


ML, Sandy

In this issue:

Brand new Articles

Clearwater Kennel Club Group 1 Trophies

More About Christmas -- Have You Gotten Your Cards Yet?

Belly Bands -- Put a Sock On It

Gross but True -- My Dog Eats Poop!

Contest Results -- Including the Finished Portrait

My Upcoming Schedule.

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Recent Breed pages were completed -- some with videos. Check out:

American Eskimo Dogs
Toy Fox Terriers
Coton de Tulear

Clearwater Kennel Club Group 1 Trophies

Yes I know this is not a small dog -- it's actually the Working Dog Group 1 winner at the Clearwater Kennel Club show in 2007.

For two years I did the Group One trophies for the Clearwater Kennel Club's Saturday show. Basically each winner received a certificate and then I did an original portrait of their winning dog.

I've been asked to do this again for our January 2011 Saturday show. I'll keep you posted!

More About Christmas -- Have You Gotten Your Cards Yet?

It's 10 pm. Do you know where your Christmas card list is?

Dusty and forgotten, under a pile of papers? Parked in an obscure corner of your computer where you're sure you'd remember it this year -- only you don't?

Don't worry about it. First think of the cards themselves.

If you want to send Christmas cards this year that don't come from the Last Minute Bargain Bin at K Mart, you might want to consider ordering now some great Christmas cards from about-small-dogs.com. The picture of Reindeer Emma above is an example. You'll wow your friends with great cards at a surprisingly low rates.

And if I don't yet have your breed or you'd like a custom card made from your photograph, I can easily do that. A custom protrait costs just $100.00. Then cards are just 10 for $15.00. No shipping and handling! Go to bergstromgallery.com. to order via PayPal. Or email me directly at smesmer@yahoo.com and tell me what you are looking for. Below is a recent portrait I did for "Zoomie" -- please notice the Mazda with a "Z" rather than an "M" -- can you say "Zoom Zoom"?

Belly Bands -- Put a Sock On It

Boy dogs are generally good about not pottying in the house, if trained consistently. But sometimes there's another dog close-by or they get a whiff of a female in season and they leave their calling card -- just a few drops here or there -- around and about. These spots then smell "good", so this habit can be very hard to break.

Belly bands can really help. You wrap it around your boy's midsection, covering his penis and with a small "light days" pad in there if you would like. Then, if you catch him in the act, you can say ACK!!! or any other sharp harsh sound and tell him THIS IS NOT NEGOCIABLE and take him outside for potty.

This way there won't be an attractive small for him to come back to.

As we are always interested in:

1. Saving ourselves money and
2. Saving our friends' money

we have developed our own, simple but surprisingly handsome belly band, made from a man's tube-sock. No fancy frills or satin. But it gets the job done.

Because we couldn't resist, we call them Put A Sock On It.

For right now we are offering them at the ridiculously low price of $7.00, with free shipping. We'll have them ready to be sold from the website soon, but for right now you can email me at smesmer@yahoo.com and I'll get them out in the mail to you right away.

Gross But True -- My Dog Eats Poop!

It can be really disgusting -- you pick up your cute dog and you smell the unmistakable whiff of poop. Yuck! So you try to follow him around the yard to catch his bowel movement before he can get it -- this encourages your dog to think you are playing a great new game called "Hide the Poop".

That doesn't work out so great, does it. Better is a simpler solution. Make the bowel movement taste bad. There are products on the market that do this but also unsweetened canned pumpkin will do the trick.

Then your dog will suddenly decide that he doesn't really want to eat poop, after all. Wouldn't that be nice.

Contest Results -- Including the Finished Portrait

Here is the portrait of the winner of our first contest "My Story About My BIG Small Dog". Congratulations Anna Christiansen and her Ginger!


Here is my upcoming schedule. If I am heading for your neck of the woods, let me know! Some dates may change slightly as the trip approaches. I will update the calendar in future newsletter issues.

Charleston, SC Oct. 1 - 5

Bowie MD Oct. 11 - 16

Lamballe, France

East Grinstead, Sussex

Birmingham, UK Oct. 23 - Nov. 3

Houston Nov. 7 - 11

Washington DC Nov. 13 - 23

Australia Nov 27 - Dec. 21

Seattle and Vancouver BC Jan. 1 - 10

Atlanta Jan. 27 - 31

San Jose Feb. 21 - 28

In Conclusion

There you have it -- hope you enjoyed this ezine. Please visit www.about-small-dogs.com often for new articles, contests and to add your own two cents to the discussion. Our small dogs are cheeky little devils, aren't they?

And I for one wouldn't have them any other way.

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