By now your kids are reeling from sugar shock and you have confiscated half their haul. If you are smart, you throw the haul away and don't stash it for yourself. Otherwise you will find their candy on your hips!

In Clearwater, the weather is slightly cooler -- I think. I've been in England and France since the 20th of October.

Cooler weather is here, in most places at least.

In some areas it's not too early to think on the small dog dilemma -- to wear a coat or no coat?

Basically, if it's near freezing or below, your dog needs a coat. Exceptions are the spitz breeds like the American Eskimo or the Pomeranian. It's also debatable with Dachshunds, the Corgis and the small northern herders like the Swedish Vallhund.

The coat should have a utilitarian function and is definitely not to cutesy up your dog. But if a good coat also looks good, so much the better. My Yorkie Robbie had a green Loden coat when we lived in Germany. He looked good! Now the same coat is with the Silky Robbie in Halifax, NS.

See below for several articles you won't find on the website.

But I've also been busy last month and posted lots of new stuff, including several new breed pages and a bunch of coloring pages!


ML, Sandy

Pearls From the Website -- click to read:

Halloween Dog Coloring Pages

Dog Coloring Pages -- Even More

Recent Breed pages were completed -- some with videos. Check out:


Boston Terriers

Cardigan Welsh Corgis


Animal Planet's Yorkshire Terrier Publishing Date Set

I was asked last spring by TFH, (the publishing arm of Animal Planet) to write a book about Yorkshire Terriers. I have been working on it ever since and submitted my manuscript Sept. 1. Then it was time for some revisions, which I recently completed. So -- my baby is finally off to college; the manuscript is out of my hands now, and by this time year next fall it should be published.

Show Results Arcadia Shows Oct 7 - 10

Tessier attended dog shows in Arcadia, FL in early October. We did very well during the four days.

We completed the championship of Tessier Tagalong Tabitha -- congrats to Margie Pearl, as this is her first champion.

This is Wishbone, owned by Ron Humphrey. He's a sweet young boy who warmed to the shows and won on Saturday.

8 month old Violet surprised us on the second day by taking her first three points. She is out of a repeat breeding of the Winners Bitch from last year's Nationals.

Roxy, who is Wishbone's sister, was picked for 3 points on Saturday.

We had a good time -- the Thursday and Friday shows were super early but sunrise over the Sunshine Skyway was amazing. Billie Pruitt as always was an excellent partner and Anna Christiansen's help made the trips smooth and easy.

Click here for a video of going over the Sunshine Skyway after the shows:

Up and Over 1 -- The Sunshine Skyway.

More About Christmas -- Have You Gotten Your Cards Yet?

It's 10 pm. Do you know where your Christmas card list is?

Dusty and forgotten, under a pile of papers? Parked in an obscure corner of your computer where you're sure you'd remember it this year -- only you don't?

Don't worry about it. First think of the cards themselves.

If you want to send Christmas cards this year that don't come from the Last Minute Bargain Bin at K Mart, you might want to consider ordering now some great Christmas cards from The picture of Reindeer Emma above is an example. You'll wow your friends with great cards at a surprisingly low rates.

And if I don't yet have your breed or you'd like a custom card made from your photograph, I can easily do that. A custom protrait costs just $100.00. Then cards are just 10 for $15.00. No shipping and handling! Go to to order via PayPal. Or email me directly at and tell me what you are looking for. Below is a recent portrait I did for "Zoomie" -- please notice the Mazda with a "Z" rather than an "M" -- can you say "Zoom Zoom"?


When people show their vacation pictures, mostly one sees destinations, as in "Here is Venice!(or Seattle or Dallas or the Rocky Mountains).

I am also a connoisseur of the voyage itself. It's like a place out of time, between this and that universe. To celebrate the journey, I will make occasional videos from my various travels.

Click here for one of Gatwick Airport, which is about 40 miles south of London.

Fun at Airports -- Gatwick.

Here is my upcoming schedule. If I am heading for your neck of the woods, let me know! Some dates may change slightly as the trip approaches. I will update the calendar in future newsletter issues.

EU -- currently in Paris Oct. 23 - Nov. 4

Houston Nov. 7 - 11

Washington DC Nov. 13 - 23

Australia Nov 26 - Dec. 21

Seattle and Vancouver BC Jan. 1 - 10

Dog Shows Jan. 10 - 26

Atlanta Jan. 27 - 30

Dallas Jan 31 - Feb 2

UK Feb 3 - 17

San Jose Feb. 21 - 28

In Conclusion

There you have it -- hope you enjoyed this ezine. Please visit often for new articles, contests and to add your own two cents to the discussion. Our small dogs are cheeky little devils, aren't they?

And I for one wouldn't have them any other way.

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