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It’s definitely not summer anymore. Hot bright days have given way to fog and fresh breezes. The dogs enjoy the cool weather. Here in Clearwater I find my guys gradually spending more and more time outside. Instead of waiting for me at the fence, they are busy playing King of the Mountain or Catch Me If You Can.

We haven’t been to shows lately so the adults have been busy growing coat and the babies have been just growing.

As usual, I enjoy seeing the funny videos people make about dogs. This one has made the rounds of the internet for years, but still not only makes me laugh, but also think. So check out:

Crazy Pomeranian Lady.

Dog people are often dog people because they are less than thrilled with the human race. They are curmudgeons. But what exactly is that? My friend Forrest recently wrote an excellent definition:

Curmudgeon Defined

by Forrest Harstad

A curmudgeon is not simply a person who gets annoyed easily, becoming bad-tempered and difficult.

The curmudgeon's reputation for malevolence is undeserved. Many of them, if not all curmudgeons, are more sensitive and soft-hearted than the average Man. However, they shield their vulnerability in an exoskeleton that can appear misanthropic.

They don't dislike Man, but they hate Man’s absurdities—especially Man’s inhumanity to Man, and particularly when the inhuman is blind to his own, or his group’s inhumanity. They therefore also tend to disapprove of thoughtlessness and lack of accord.

And they are disappointed in mediocrity.

That curmudgeons, by definition, have the temerity to comment on the human condition without apology is what gives them the bad rap. But that’s really just blaming the messenger for the message.


Post script: If you find argument with, or lack of humor in this description of curmudgeonism, keep it to yourself, will you?

Thank you Forrest! You can read another of Forrest’s pieces on one of our Google Top 5 posts:

Laughing Through Our Tears

Small Dog Halloween

Check out our Halloween Coloring Pages!

As Halloween approaches, it's good to think about what do do with the dogs. We love the scariness of it all but our dogs -- not so much.

It might be tempting to bring Fido along to go trick or treating, but I never met a dog, no matter how social, who enjoys the bangs and gyrations of this holiday. Better to leave him home this time, preferable in a cosily covered crate.

Chocolate is well known for being bad for dogs, but so are raisins. Xylitol, an artificial sweetener very common in chewing gum, is particularly poisonous.

And what's the deal with dressing up dogs for Halloween?

Well, just think about WHO has a good time with a dressed up dog. Is it the dog? Or you?

Tony and Yo Yo say it best, below:

Where in the World Is Sandy -- Treysa, Germany

This is a little village about 75 miles west of Frankfurt. It is apparently the town where Little Red Riding Hood originated. So it's a fairy tale village that really did spawn a fairy tale. Click here for the video, and enjoy! http://youtu.be/b75sUyX71Sk

Dog Law Reporter

Occasionally I find excellent sites that carry important information for small dog owners. I like to pass these on to you as I think you might like them as well.

When thinking about bad dog laws, we tend to think that it won't be in our own backyard.

But that ostich attitude will land us all eventually in a land where do ownership is no longer allowed.

As a Cheeky reader and a follower of About Small Dogs, you already know that we can't just sit back and let the other guy be an activist for sane dog laws. Check out this post for more data on that: Canine Legislation Basics. And click here for this excellent and highly informative blog: Dog Law Reporter.

The Gallery

We completed a 2 month process in January of updating our store, changing it so much we renamed it: The PawPrint Gallery. And if you see a portrait or comic from elsewhere on the website that you would like on a card, let me know. I'll see what I can do.

And as always, enjoy!


Sandy Mesmer

New in the Last Month from the Website -- click to read:

Dachshund Coloring Pages
Seizure Alert and Other Assistant Dogs
My Dog Runs Away When I Ask Him to Come!

The following are just some of the About Small Dogs pages top ranked on Google. Check out:

About Small Dogs Blog
Avoiding Stupidity -- A Training Tool
Canine Legislation Basics
Cavalier Coloring Pages
Do Dogs Feel Remorse
Small Dog Courage
Laughing Through Our Tears
Listening to Our Dogs
Senior Small Dogs
What Makes a Responsible Pet Owner?
Small Dog Companionship
Yorkshire Terrier Coloring Pages
Dog Behavior Questions
Training a Small Dog
Flying With Your Small Dog

Christmas Cards and Much More

Christmas will be here before you know it; it's not too early to start thinking about your cards. I have put a select few seasonal cards in the Gallery the special 2011 Silky card.

Christmas Paw Print Cards are realistic, whimsical and just plain funny. They proclaim your love of your breed and make people laugh at the same time. They're a great deal at 10 for $15.00, just like our regular cards -- and no shipping, ever.


Here is my upcoming schedule. If I am heading for your neck of the woods, let me know! Some dates may change slightly as the trip approaches. I will update the calendar in future newsletter issues.

Currently: in Frankfurt Germany through 10.24

Bend OR October 27 - November 1

South Carolina November 4 - 9

Houston TX November 11 - 15

Australia November 25 - Dec 14

Eukanuba National Show Orlando FL December 17 - 18

Washington DC December 26 - 30

Minneapolis January 2 - 9

Brooksville Dog Shows January 12 - 22

Harrisonburg VA January 23 -- 30

Germany/UK/Switzerland February 2 - 14

San Jose February 18 - 26

Atlanta February 28 - March 5

Harrisonburg March 10 - 19

Northwest March 20 - 30

STCA Nationals April 2 - 9

Clearwater May 3 - 14

Clearwater June 21 - July 2

In Conclusion

There you have it -- hope you enjoyed this ezine. Please visit www.about-small-dogs.com often for new articles, contests and to add your own two cents to the discussion. Our small dogs are cheeky little devils, aren't they?

And I for one wouldn't have them any other way.

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