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Cheeky Little Devils, Issue #017 -- the latest from the website plus stuff you won't see elsewhere!
September 05, 2012

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It's been a quiet month. I have mostly been traveling for work, but Karen (our kennel partner in Banks OR) has been busy at the shows.

Harry (Ch. Tessier Wyntuk Spare Heir, see below) is now out in Oregon with her, learning how to be a grown-up. Karen described his antics at one of his last shows, (as he insisted on walking around the ring on two legs instead of four), as "entertaining fun for the whole family". Despite this Harry now has 14 points towards his Grand Championship.

As you can see below, in those rare moments when he decides to stand still, he is a very pretty boy.

Brand New 2012 Christmas Card -- First Look!

Silkys can be such be such eager beavers. I thought -- wouldn't Santa prefer Silkys to those slow poke reindeer? The inside of the card reads:

"Why don't you use US this year?"

And then:

"Wishing you and yours' a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years."

Our Christmas Card Store is Open!

Click here to browse our Christmas Card store.

I know that it's crazy early to be even thinking about this. I just put away the fireworks, for goodness' sake! But the holidays creep up on us, and if you want to miss the lass minute rush, it really isn't too early to start thinking about Christmas. So we have a policy at About Small Dogs to go ahead and open up the Christmas store in September. Be my guest, check out your old favorites, enjoy this year's new card, start thinking about which ones you want to send this year.

To encourage you to start thinking about this earlier rather than later, we are offering 15% off on all cards up to October 15.

Check out a few of the cards below:

The caption reads:

Even Santa knows; life is better with a buddy! Best Wishes for a wonderful holiday season!

The caprion reads:

The Silky Security System - Best in the World. Here’s wishing you and yours’ a wonderful holiday season and a most successful of New Years.

The caption reads:

Twelve Silkys Leaping would be a lot more fun. Wishing you and yours’ yours’ a wonderful Christmas season and the happiest of New Years!

Yes I do see the elephant in the room; these are ALL Silky Terrier cards. That's great if you have that breed but what about you Yorkie or Chihuahua people?
Do me a favor, if you would like a card of YOUR breed, let me know. I promise I will create new Christmas breed cards in the order I receive your interest. Tweet me at @AboutSmallDogs, or go to our Facebook Page at, or tap the contact us button on the website, but let me know.

You Asked For It, You Got It -- More Pictures!

Information is all very well and good, and yes, it can be useful in the end, but don't you think that the fun part of any website are all the photos and drawings? Well I do, so I have been updating the breed pages with more photographs -- lots of them. As always, all the photos are taken by me personally (very occasionally I'm given photos from others'). We never buy stock photos and of course we never rip off others' prints.

So check these out -- and enjoy!

Revised Yorkie Page The page is now loaded with Yorkie pictures.

Click here for the Revised Shih Tzu Page. The Shih Tzu in full coat looks like a moving tapestry. Here are lots of pictures to show you what I mean. Does all this coat mean a lot of work? You betcha, but owners tell me that if you keep up with a daily brushing routine, it's not so bad.

Click here for the Revised Maltese Page. These are one one the sweetest breeds in existence, and one of the oldest as well. No self respecting Roman matron would have been without her little white companion.

This breed has a true tongue twister for a name: Xoloitzcuintli. I had a breeder repeat the correct proounciation for me, and then I practiced it - it's Sholo Esquente. Whew. But a neat and tidy breed which comes in three sizes, hairless and with hair. Check out the Revised Xolo Page. for all the details.

The Case for Pure Bred Dogs

I found this article very interesting. The regular press has a definite bias when it comes to dogs and breeders; it's good to get a bit of a different perspective as well. I for one like to think for myself, and I can't do that if I only hear one side of the story. Here's the link: The Case For Pure Bred Dogs.

The Store at About Small Dogs -- We Are Open!

We have prints for sale for the first time, and lots and lots of cards. Our Christmas card page is open now too, if you can stand looking at holiday stuff this early! Window shop all you want, but click on: The Store.

And if you see a portrait or comic from elsewhere on the website that you would like on a card, let me know. I'll see what I can do.

And as always, enjoy!


Sandy Mesmer

Top Ranked About Small Dog Pages

The following is some of the top ranked About Small Dogs pages. (By the way, since Google now artificially ranks website pages with a Google plus button higher than those without, we personally only search with Bing.) In any case, check out:

What Makes a Responsible Pet Owner
Small Dog Courage
Yorkshire Terriers
South Paw Pet Supply
House Training Tools
Avoiding Stupidity
Canine Legislation Basics
Flying With Your Small Dog
Do Dogs Feel Remorse?
Best Dogs For Kids


Here is my upcoming schedule; mostly for my work with kids and their families, but with a couple of dog shows as well. If I am heading for your neck of the woods, let me know! Some dates may change slightly as the trip approaches. I will update the calendar in future issues.

Currently: In the air, coming home from Minneapolis

Australia, Sydney and Melbourne: September 9 - 28

Los Angeles: October 5 - 10

Germany and Switzerland: October 12 - 29

Key West: October 30 - November 1

N.California: November 2 - 11

Puerto Rico November 12 - 19

Australia: November 23 - December 13

Eukanuba Orlando FL; December 15 and 16

Houston TX: December 17 - 24

Washington DC: December 26 - 31

Los Angeles: January 1 - 7

Brooksville FL Dog Shows: January 10 - 20

Minneapolis: January 21 - 26

North West: January 28 - February 8

In Conclusion

There you have it -- hope you enjoyed this ezine. Please visit often for new articles, contests and to add your own two cents to the discussion. Our small dogs are cheeky little devils, aren't they?

And I for one wouldn't have them any other way.



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