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Cheeky Little Devils, Issue #20 -- the latest from the website plus stuff you won't see elsewhere!
December 04, 2012

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The Christmas season is wonderful and crazy at the same time. All the extra work getting ready for the holidays is frazzling but the comfort and warmth of the friends and family we celebrate with can make it all worth while.

Our dogs can get short shrift in this busy season.

So remember, in the midst of Black Friday and Cyber Monday and "what-to-get-Aunt-Martha", don't forget to give your dog a hug.

After all, your dog celebrates Christmas every day; he doesn't have to be reminded by a holiday season that he should love and cherish his people.

I've been mostly working but did manage to take time for a week of dog shows in Puerto Rico with my mom.

Latin American shows are wild! They pump loud, thumping music throughout and the groups are more Mardi Gras than dog show. Our young boy "TC" took one look at this venue and thought he had walked through the gates of Hell.

But he got used to things after a day or two (he basically discovered that despite all the scary sounds he was actually having fun) and ended up doing well, earning Junior Champion of Latin America.

Here is TC, who had by this picture decided that all the noise was more party than pandemonium.

The holiday season is fast approaching -- do you know where your Christmas cards are? See below for all the details of how to get some great PawPrint cards.

This Cheeky is loaded with lots of new articles and pictures.


Best, Sandy

EVEN MORE Brand New 2012 Christmas Cards

I had a bit of time (and a friend with this breed) so I made a third non-Silky card this year. Chinese Cresteds look like little ponies to me, so they seemed like a logical choice for:


The inside of the card reads:

"Bark. Bark. Bark. (Translation Ho.Ho. Ho.) Hope you have a wonderful Christmas."

The other two are:


The inside of the card reads:

"Even Santa knows, life is better with a buddy."

And then:

"Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year."


The inside of the card reads:

"Even Santa knows, life is better with a buddy."

And then:

"Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year."

Our Christmas Card Store Will Be Open For 1 More Month!

Click here to browse our Christmas Card store.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the day you spent driving all over town to find the perfect gift for Aunt Martha are over.

But how about your Christmas cards? Oops! Before you decide that the only place left to find anything is the Walmart bargain bin, realize that there is still time to get some great PawPrint Christmas cards -- if you act now.

For example, here is our our brand new Silky Terrier Card for 2012:

The caption reads:

Hey Santa!

Why don't you use US as reindeer this year?

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Here's the link: PawPrint Cards

You Asked For It, You Got It -- More Pictures!

Information is all very well and good, and yes, it can be useful in the end, but don't you think that the fun part of any website are all the photos and drawings? Well I do, so I have been updating the breed pages with more photographs -- lots of them. As always, all the photos are taken by me personally (very occasionally I'm given photos from others'). We never buy stock photos and of course we never rip off others' prints.

So check these out -- and enjoy!

Revised Pomeranian Page

Revised Pomeranian Page
The page is now loaded with Pomeranian pictures.

Revised Pug Page

Check out all the new pug pictures by clicking here:

Revised Pug Page

Shih Tzu Coloring Pages

Haven't done any coloring pages for a while so it was time. This article not only has plenty of downloadable pictures, it also has the photographs each drawing was taken from. That way, the kids can either be super accurate or junior Picasso -- their choice! Check out:

Shih Tzu Coloring Pages

Canines to the Rescue

It was wild during Superstorm Sandy to read real-time tweets and watch the NYC subways filling up with water. But in the aftermath, I wanted to hear stories about search and rescue dogs. I came across this article from Check out: Canines to the Rescue

Dogs in Restaurants

Anyone who has visited Europe has been surprised to see well mannered dogs hanging our with their owners in restaurants. Wouldn't it be cool to have the same opportunity in the US? Check out this article:

Dogs Under the Table

An Animal Rights Primer

In 2000, Alvin Grossman was willing to believe in my first book "How To Turn Your Dog Into a Show Off" (Click here for more info about "Show-Off") enough to publish it through his imprint Doral. This was extra special to me, as Dr. Grossman was passionate about another subject near and dear to my heart, the hijacking of the Animal Rights movement. Check out his article on this subject, written in 1993:

An Animal Rights Primer.

The Store at About Small Dogs -- We Are Open!

We have prints for sale for the first time, and lots and lots of cards. Be sure to get your holiday cards while they are still available. Window shop all you want, but click on: The Store.

And if you see a portrait or comic from elsewhere on the website that you would like on a card, let me know. I'll see what I can do.

And as always, enjoy!


Sandy Mesmer

Top Ranked About Small Dog Pages

The following is some of the top ranked About Small Dogs pages. (By the way, since Google now artificially ranks website pages with a Google plus button higher than those without, we personally only search with Bing.) In any case, check out:

What Is a Responsible Breeder
Shih Tzu Coloring Pages
Dog Communication
House Training Tools
Avoiding Stupidity
Canine Legislation Basics
Flying With Your Small Dog
My Dog Hates My Husband!
Best Dogs For Kids

(Inter) National Geographic

I travel a couple of times a year to Australia, and the last trip was this September. I was working in Mooroolbark and the people at the Yarralinda School were nice enough to lend me a room for the week. Here is a video from there. Check out: Yarralinda School Grounds.


Here is my upcoming schedule; mostly for my work with kids and their families, but with a couple of dog shows as well. If I am heading for your neck of the woods, let me know! Some dates may change slightly as the trip approaches. I will update the calendar in future issues.

Currently: in Menlo Park, CA

Australia: December 5 - December 13

Eukanuba Orlando FL; December 15 and 16

Houston TX: December 17 - 24

Talahassee, FL: January 1 - 8

Brooksville FL Dog Shows: January 11 - 19

Minneapolis: January 21 - 26

North West: January 28 - February 5

UK/Germany/Switzerland: February 7 - 27

N.California: March 4 - 13

S. California: March 16 - 23

Australia: March 26 - April 15

Heartland Shows April 20 - April 21

Washington DC April 22 - 29

UK and Switzerland May 3 - May 13

STCA Nationals: June 1 - 8

STCCF Regionals June 20 - 23

In Conclusion

There you have it -- hope you enjoyed this ezine. Please visit often for new articles and to add your own two cents to the discussion. Our small dogs are cheeky little devils, aren't they?

And I for one wouldn't have them any other way.



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