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Cheeky Little Devils, Issue #22 -- the latest from the website plus stuff you won't see elsewhere!
May 10, 2013

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Spring has definitely sprung. Some areas of the country have been coy about this. I heard that Minnesota had snow well into April. Of course, home in Florida it's been in the 80's for the last 6 weeks!

Spring always makes me think of fresh starts and puppies, and for us it's been a time for the little ones. The last litter was born a couple of days ago. We like to say that all newborns are Best in Show winners; then as they grow, reality sets in. But more importantly, we can be pretty sure that all of the current crop will make wonderful pets, with good health, stable temperaments and the cheerful cheekiness our Silkys are known for.

Yes, Silky newborns DO look like little Rottweilers!

We have long had the policy that we sell all our puppies on a spay/neuter contract. Every once in a while, this gets brought into question. I recall a recent conversation :

Lady: We just want one litter, and we’ll give away the puppies.

Me: What experience do you have with breeding?

Lady: Our cat had kittens under the bed last year…..

The facts are these. Real breeders care for and want to improve their breed in general, not just to care for the immediate litter. They are concerned about health issues and test their stock regularly. They study the intricacies of breeding and whelping and are either very knowledgeable themselves or have access to several mentors. Nine out of ten of them also show. Check out

What Makes a Responsible Breeder for all the details.

Don’t get me wrong. If someone is willing to put in the work to really become an expert, I’m more than willing to work with them. But I’m supposed to entrust one of my sweet girls to the cavalier and uncertain future of ‘let’s just have one litter, how hard can it be?’ I don’t think so!

Okay, off the soap box! Here’s a Funny Dogs Funy People strip I did a while back, that illustrates my point:

We've put in a LOT of new and revised breed pages on the website. I didn't quite realize how many until I started working on this newsletter, imputing all the new pages we've done. You'd think that with almost 200 pages, we'd start to wind down! Hope you like them.

Best Sandy

It's All Been Said Before -- Quotes Cards For All Occasions

Cards are more than just for Christmas, that's for sure. A good one not only lets the recipient know how you feel, but that you care. And if it's small dog related, even better!

This is a pilot project for us so we are interested in your feedback. What do you think? Are these cards you would be interested in? Do you have a favorite quote (or two) you'd like us to illustrate? Let us know! This one is called PUPPY THERAPY.

For more info, and to choose your cards, here's the link: PawPrint Quotes Cards

You Asked For It, You Got It -- More Pictures!

Information is all very well and good, and yes, it can be useful in the end, but don't you think that the fun part of any website are all the photos and drawings? Well I do, so I have been doing some brand new pages and updating many old ones with more photographs -- lots of them. As always, all the photos are taken by me personally (very occasionally I'm given photos from others'). We never buy stock photos and of course we never rip off others' prints.

So check these out -- and enjoy!

Revised Russian Toy Page

Revised Russian Toy Page
The page is now loaded with Russian Toy pictures.

Cesky Terriers

Here's another un-terrier, one of the most recently developed breeds, and the national dog of the Czech Republic. Check out: Cesky Terriers

English Toy Spaniels

If a Cesky is an un-terrier, you could call this rare breed an un-Cavalier. English Toy Spaniels are actually much older than their more popular cousins the Cavalier, but are otherwise quite similar. Check out for the details: English Toy Spaniels


This delightful dog actually comes in 5 sizes in its native Germany. Pictures here is the Medium, about 13 inches at the shoulder, the size of a Boston or a Cairn Terrier. They are the ancestor of the Pomeranian, and share that breed's cheerful and friendly attitude. Check out the page: Spitz

Revised Pekingese Page

One can argue that a Pekingese resembles fur on wheels, but those in the know know that these dogs make sweet and extremely loyal companions. Check out the revised page with lots more pictures at the Revised Pekingese Page

Revised Japanese Chin Page

We have lots of new pictures of this sweet breed. Check out: Revised Japanese Chin Page

Are Shipoos, Cockapoos and Morkies Really Healthier?

This is an op ed piece that refutes the idea that mixed breeds are inherently healthier than pure-breds. Check out what a vet has to say that has worked with many of both kinds over the years. Check out: Are Shipoos, Cockapoos and Morkies Really Healthier?

China's New Dissident's: Dog Owners

By Damien Ma – For entire article go to

The Atlantic

Most Americans will likely have a preconceived notion of the Chinese relationship with dogs. When a developing country can barely take care of all its own people, animal rights tend to sit very low on the totem pole. But the reality is much more complicated, especially with a burgeoning dog culture associated with the rise of young urban elites with disposable income.

That complex reality is being captured in a soon-to-be-released documentary on China and dogs. The film, Over-Sized Dogs: Chinese Dog Laws and the People Who Break Them, is ostensibly about what the title suggests. It follows several Beijing residents who own dogs that are technically illegal because they are above the size limit stipulated in an antiquated Beijing law. It's not just the Chinese capital -- these size limitation rules have popped up in other parts of China , yet Chinese dog owners seem to be flouting them with impunity. Beyond the legal issue, dog ownership in China turns out to be an interesting examination of evolving attitudes in Chinese society today. In particular, it indirectly reflects the rise of rights consciousness among the growing legion of Chinese who count themselves among the middle class. …

The Store at About Small Dogs -- We Are Open!

We have prints for sale and lots and lots of cards, including our new section "It's Been All Said Before -- Quotes Cards For All Occasions". Window shop all you want, but click on: The Store.

And if you see a portrait or comic from elsewhere on the website that you would like on a card, let me know. I'll see what I can do.

And as always, enjoy!


Sandy Mesmer

Top Ranked About Small Dog Pages

The following is some of the top ranked About Small Dogs pages. (By the way, since Google now artificially ranks website pages with a Google plus button higher than those without, we personally only search with Bing.) In any case, check out:

What Is a Responsible Pet Owner
Chihuahua Coloring Pages
Funny Dogs, Funny People
Small Dog Grooming
Flying With Your Small Dogs
Are Shipoos, Cockapoos and Morkies Really Healthier?
Flying With Your Small Dog
Low Shedding Small Dogs
Best Dogs For Kids


Here is my upcoming schedule; mostly for my work with kids and their families, but with a couple of dog shows as well. If I am heading for your neck of the woods, let me know! Some dates may change slightly as the trip approaches. I will update the calendar in future issues.

Currently in Switzerland

BlogPaws, Washington D.C. May 16 and 17

Inverness FL shows May 18 and 19

May 20 - 29 Minnesota

STCA Nationals: June 1 - 8

June 9 - 18 Houston

STCCF Regionals June 20 - 23

June 24 - 28 CT

June 30 - July 3 Atlanta

July 5 - 12 Los Angeles

July 12 - 22 NCal

July 23 - August 7 Clearwater FL

August 8 - 11 Family Reunion Boston area

August 12 - 16 Vancouver

August 16 - 24 Seattle

September 22 - 29 Australia

October 10 - 14 Washington D.C

October 16 - 28 UK and Switzerland

November 29 - December 13 Australia

In Conclusion

There you have it -- hope you enjoyed this ezine. Please visit often for new articles and to add your own two cents to the discussion. Our small dogs are cheeky little devils, aren't they?

And I for one wouldn't have them any other way.



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