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Cheeky Little Devils, Issue #23 -- the latest from the website plus stuff you won't see elsewhere!
October 13, 2013

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Well it definitely has been a while. Spring has sprung, summer has sizzled and now the leaves are starting to fall.

The big news right now is that our 2013 Christmas card is ready! In celebration, ALL Christmas cards will be discounted by 10% until November 8. Here's the 2013 card:

The caption reads: "The best part of new toys is getting to share them. Wishing you and yours' a very merry Christmas and the happiest of new years!"

To see all the cards available, click here:

PawPrints Christmas Cards

Tessier Show News

We've been to lots of shows in the last several months, and have two new home bred champions -- Isabella (shown by Billie):

and Stella (shown by Karen):

as well as a "grand kid" champion; "I Do" is a grandpuppy of our Rocket -- shown by Rebecca and Sandy:

We also can't forget the stunning JoJo (out of our Izzy), who won Top 20 at this year's Nationals (congrats to Joe Shafer and Pam Gates):

GO team!

Rabies Challenge Fund Study Summary

A study conducted according to the USDA Title 9 canine vaccine licensing standard, was begun more than five years ago. The purpose was to determine if the duration of immunity from commercially available rabies vaccines was longer than 3 years, with the goal of extending state-mandated rabies boosters for dogs to 5, and then 7 years. Continue here:

Rabies Challenge Fund Study Summary

Where Should You Get Your Puppy?

Where should you get your puppy? And why should you care?

It's broadly known that you shouldn't buy a puppy from a pet store or a commercial, large scale breeder. But this is the first SCIENTIFIC study to back this up.

The below is a synopsis and a review of the results -- the full article may be obtained by reaching us via the "Contact Us" button. Check out: Where Should You Buy Your Puppy?

About Preservation of Breeds

The Basenji is one of the breeds that the AKC and its Parent Clubs has gone to great lengths -- in this case darkest Africa -- to preserve.

The AKC Chairman's report, written in the fall of 2012, is one of the best explanations I have ever seen of WHY responsible breeders -- and their champion, the American Kennel Club -- do what they do. Continue here:

ConsumerWatch: Tests On Dog Harnesses Show 100 Percent Failure Rate

Do you use a harness to secure your dog in the car? You might want to rethink that. Far better is a fully enclosed dog crate. Check out the link: ConsumerWatch: Tests On Dog Harnesses Show 100 Percent Failure Rate

Cirneco dell Etna

This breed looks like a miniture Ibizan Hound and has wonderful radar ears. Check out: Cirneco dell Etna

Your Dog in Your Will

Have you put your dog in your will? If you haven't, you should. What are your options? Check out: Your Dog in Your Will

Cute Stuff

Small dogs aren't animated teddy bears, (I mean really!) But I know that most small dog people have a secret vice -- they like cute stuff. (I certainly do.) So here are a couple of videos to scratch your itch.

Pomeranians -- The Great Preston with Laura Nativo

I spoke at BlogPaws in DC in May and I met Preston and his owner and trainer Laura. Check him out and I think you will agree -- he was incredibly cute! Pomeranians -- The great Preston

Pet Outakes

This guy searches Youtube for dog videos and does voice-over on them. This is his one of his latest -- very funny! Check out the Silky Terrier at 1:50; he acts -- and talks -- exactly like the breed. Click here:

The Store at About Small Dogs -- We Are Open!

We have prints for sale and lots and lots of cards, including our new section "It's Been All Said Before -- Quotes Cards For All Occasions". Window shop all you want, but click on: The Store.

And if you see a portrait or comic from elsewhere on the website that you would like on a card, let me know. I'll see what I can do.

And as always, enjoy!


Sandy Mesmer

Top Ranked About Small Dog Pages

The following is some of the top ranked About Small Dogs pages. (By the way, since Google now artificially ranks website pages with a Google plus button higher than those without, we personally only search with Bing.) In any case, check out:

Dachshund Coloring Pages
Chihuahua Coloring Pages
Funny Dogs, Funny People
New Dog Breeds
Halloween Coloring Pages
Help! My Dog Hates My Husband!
Dog Obedience Basics
Op Ed on Small Dogs
Best Dogs For Kids


Here is my upcoming schedule; mostly for my work with kids and their families, but with a couple of dog shows as well. If I am heading for your neck of the woods, let me know! Some dates may change slightly as the trip approaches. I will update the calendar in future issues.

Currently in Washington D.C

October 16 - November 3 Geneva and London

November 9 and 10 Hernando County KC Brooksville FL

November 11 - 20 Los Angeles

November 29 - December 12 Australia

December 13 Silky Terrier Club of Central FL Specialty Orlando FL

December 14 and 15 Eukanuba/AKC Show with Silky Terrier Meet the Breeds December 26 - Jan 3 London

January 9 - 18 Brooksville shows

January 23 - 27 N California

February 1 - 4 Washington DC

February 5 - 12 London UK

February 14 - 18 Connecticut

Feb. 19 - Mar. 3 N California

Mar 4 - 7 Sanibel FL

Mar. 8 - 12 Los Angeles, CA

May 4 - 14 Silky Terrier Club of America Nationals Albuquerque, NM

In Conclusion

There you have it -- hope you enjoyed this ezine. Please visit often for new articles and to add your own two cents to the discussion. Our small dogs are cheeky little devils, aren't they?

And I for one wouldn't have them any other way.



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