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This breed is bright and sturdy with an air of self-importance. Because of their size they need little exercise and so make excellent city dogs.

However, they are not great with other breeds as they feel that the only real dog is another of their own breed.! They are alert dogs and can be noisy.

They come in all colors and have a long coated and smooth variety. Especially the smooth coated variety can be sensitive to cold weather.


They are named after the same state in Mexico, where the earliest specimens were found. It is an ancient breed and perhaps was patterned after the Fennec Fox, a small Mexican animal with large ears and huge luminous eyes. They were used by the Aztecs in religious ceremonies, and were a pampered pet of the nobility long before Christopher Columbus even thought about crossing the ocean blue.

By the Numbers

Size: Not more than 6 pounds.
Coat Care: Short Coat 2 - low. No brushing but may need an occasional bath.
Long Coat 6 - medium. Requires regular brushing to keep down the tangles.
Trainability: 6 – medium. They want to hang out with their owners. If this means that they must be trained, they will tolerate it. 

Energy level: 5. They are lively but because of their size, their activity can easily take place in a small space.
Good with Children: 4 – Care must be taken with children, especially puppies. If mishandled, they can be distrustful.
Noise level: medium to high – 7: They are alert and will let you know what's going on.
Low Shedding/hypoallergenic: – 4, low for the short coat; 8, high for the long coat.
Short Coats shed much less than the long coated variety.

To get more information or to find a puppy, contact the Chihuahua Club of America to begin your search.

All About Chihuahuas is another great resource about the breed, including lots of cute names.

Tell Us About YOUR Dog!

People come to About Small Dogs to find a good dog, one that matches their lifestyle, their family and what they yearn for.

The best people to explain the finer points of what a breed is like are the people who own and are owned by them.

If you own this breed, this means YOU. What is your dog like? What stories can you tell? What would you like to say to someone who is considering your breed? What is your dog's sterling qualities? How about some of his or her not so great characteristics? Tell us a bit about the ideal owner for your breed as well.

People become good dog owners because they are educated. You know your breed better than any others. Share what you know!

What Other Visitors Have Said

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He makes me laugh :) 
A while after I was done grieving the loss of my 14yr old rescued mutt to Lymphoma, I met a 10 months old Jack Russel/Chihuahua mix at the local pound. …

He is Small, Singing, and He Likes to Keep Close to His Owner. 
I got Bubba off of a website for Chihuahuas in Atlanta, Georgia. At the time I was living in Longmont, Colorado. So I had to wait for Bubba to mature and …

They love to work for me 
My secret to fun little chi's is socialize, socialize, socialize. I have 3 chi's and they are friendly to all, love kids and are not "1 person" dogs. I …

She is my Best Friend... Not rated yet
It all stared when I saw the movie "Legally Blonde" and I saw that Reese Witherspoon's dog Bruiser was a Chihuahua. I told my mom that I wanted one. So …

She Absolutely Adores Her People.  Not rated yet
She loves to sit in my lap and if I'm not available, she will sit in another family members lap. She loves to take walks, and ride in my bicycle basket. …

They are amazing! Not rated yet
I just got my two full breed chihuahuas puppies about two weeks ago and they are my first full breed chihuahuas and I'm very proud to be a new owner for …

He is part of our family and is very loving.... Not rated yet
I used to carry around a Beany Baby Chihuahua all the time and took it with me when I traveled home to Pennsylvania. I always wanted a real Chihuahua …

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Chihuahua Gallery

I guess that the US doesn't have a lock on cute Chihuahuas. Check out these guys, taken recently in Sydney Australia.

I caught the below Chihuahuas at the Show of the Americas in Puerto Rico in Nov. 2012. 

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