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Poodles are considered by many to be the ultimate “foo-foo” dog. News photographers always gravitate to the their ring at dog shows; they consider the breed a wonderful source of ridicule. 

But they have the last laugh – at us.

As a matter of fact, this breed has an excellent sense of humor. We had them when I was a kid. Both Melanie and Rundel had some pretty good jokes. For example, both would occasionally get loose (not surprising in a household of five kids) -- they loved nothing better than to wait for us to catch up, then take off again, just out of reach. I swear they were laughing!

A good owner of this breed needs have an excellent sense of humor to keep up with his smartypants dog. Below is a short video of the toy variety.

Breeders have worked very hard over the last hundred years to create a dog that not only rocks their hair but also is a sound and happy package.

This toy variety is really trucking along.

This breed makes wonderful kid dogs, especially the sturdy miniature. They can be a variety of solid colors, including white, black, apricot, brown and gray; never parti-colored. They shed very little and are highly hypoallergenic but can get a bit smelly in old age. Pictured below is a brown miniature.


The breed didn’t originate in France as most think but in Germany, where the name is a derivation from “puddle”. As this implies, they were a water retrieving dog. The fancy clip originated as an effort to cut down from the drag of a heavy coat in the water, while protecting the dog’s organs, joints and extremities.

They come in three sizes; the Standard (not a small dog) was the original. The Miniature variety may have been used for truffle hunting. The Toy was often used in performances and circuses. Check out the video of this Toy doing tricks:

By The Numbers

Size: Toy: 10 inches or under at the shoulder
Miniature: 15 inches or under at the shoulder

Coat Care: 10 – High; requires frequent brushing and regular trips to the groomer.

This black toy demonstrates the typical sweet expression, with lovely grooming.

Trainability: 10; They are not only brilliant, they have a fun time pleasing their owners. They need trainers who know how to have a good time as well, and who can keep their dog occupied.
Energy level: 9 – High.They love to be busy.
Good with Children: 8 An active child can often bond nicely with a busy poodle.
Noise level: low -- 3 unless they are bored – then it can be a 10!
Low Shedding/hypoallergenic: 7 Poodles shed very little and are hypoallergenic. They can be a bit smelly in old age.

If you are interested in a puppy, first read What is a Responsible Breeder. Then, the best place to start your puppy search is the Poodle Club of America. 

This brown miniature is watching his owner for a clue as to the next adventure.

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