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Mini wire-haired dachshunds have the same pesonality as their standard cousins, just in a smaller package.

A Yorkshire Terrier in his full coat of a deep silver body coat and tan head, is really beautiful.

Shibas are friendly but independent, a light brown with white underneath.

Beagles love to eat, and this young boy is no exception. He is black on his back, brown next to it and white underneath.

This Cavalier is happy to see me, even though we have never met before. She is a deep, rich, brown.

Boston Terriers are happy and friendly, elegant in black and white.

There is nothing more elegant than a shiny white Maltese in full coat.

This Parson Russell Terrier is all white, except for a tan patch over his eye.

This beautiful Pomeranian is a medium, rich brown -- his tail is cream.

This Toy Fox has black splotches on his back, and her head is black with a bit of brown eyebrows. The rest is all white.

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