(pronounced SHO-lo-es-QUEN-le)

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You could call the Xolo the Mohawk Breed.

The Xoloitzcuintli, when hairless, has smooth grey or brown skin with minimal wrinkles. He has a tuft of hair from from the top of his forehead to the back of his head, just like a mohawk.

But don't think that Xolos are party animals; they are quiet, elegant and very trainable. They are gaining in popularity because they are sturdy little dogs and easy to live with. 

The hairless variety is the most hypoallergenic of all dogs, having less hair than the Chinese Crested, and they don't get fleas.

There is also a coated variety with short smooth hair.

Can you pronounce the name of this breed? Repeat after me: Sholo -- es-- QUENtey. Now try saying it fast five times!

This is an elegant "media" or medium-sized Xolo; he has startlingly amber eyes matched by his blonde mohawk.

Never let it be said that Xolos don't have a sense of humor!


This is the coated variety.

They were developed in Mexico and are an ancient breed. In Aztec mythology, it was believed that they accompanied the souls of the dead when they traveled to Mictlan, the underworld. Xolos were considered sacred by the Aztecs, and there are many pictures and sculptures of them.

After Mexico was taken over by the Spaniards, their numbers  slowly sank slowly towards extinction. In 1956 the Mexican Kennel Club initiated a program to bring back the Xolo, and it has since achieved a solid if modest following. 

This breed is accepted by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) and is a new breed in the AKC.

By The Numbers

This Toy Xolo has no hair on her head at all.

Size: There are 3 varieties: 10” at the shoulder (toy), 14” (miniature), 18" (standard).
Coat Care: low -- 3 A hairless Xolo's skin is tough and heals easily, but needs regular conditioning. The coated variety needs an occasional rubdown. The hairless needs a coat in cold weather.

All hairless breeds need a good coat in cold weather.

Trainability: 8; Very willing and smart, they need an owner as intelligent as they are.
Energy level: 5 They are calm, confident dogs and easy to live with.
Good With Children: 6 They do fine with most children but prefer the company of adults.
Noise level: very low -- 3 
Low Shedding/Hypoallergenic: Hairless Xolos: 10 The most hypoallergenic dog variety. (By the way, coated Xolos aren't hypoallergenic.)

If you decide you might want to have this breed in your home, read What is a Responsible Breeder. Then visit the Xoloitzcuintli Club of America. 

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