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The Yorkie treats the world as his oyster, carrying an air of self-confidence far more than his size would give him any right to be.

Size: must not exceed seven pounds.
Coat Care: 10 – Very High; he requires a daily brushing and weekly bath to maintain his flowing locks. If kept in a shorter haircut, a Yorkie's coat needs proportionally less care. 

Trainability: 7:They can be surprisingly obedient. If taught with lots of games and fun, they can definitely become well trained.

Energy level: 7 Yorkies are energetic little guys. They need an equally energetic owner.

Good with Children: 4 They should not be around small children, especially when they are puppies. Older childen are usually okay.

Noise level: low -- 7 They can be noisy.
Low Shedding/hypoallergenic: 8 They shed very little and are hypoallergenic.

This Yorkie looks lovely even in a stiff breeze.

While Yorkies regularly attract attention through their stunning good looks and diminutive size, they keep the loyalty of their owners through sparkling personalities.

Though definitely a "fancy" terrier, Yorkies are active little sprites and do surprisingly well at performance events.

What makes a Yorkie a Yorkie? He comes by his cheeky attitude and stunning good looks through hundreds of years of genetic blending, beginning with the gray, rough-coated Waterside Terrier. Then the silky Clydesdales were added.

The concoction finished up with a generous dose of the 18th century Scotch terrier. Mixed well, it was discovered that some of these resultant dogs produced tiny, feisty creatures with flowing, steel-blue body coats and a long tan headpiece.

Carefully bred together, these dogs eventually bred “true”, meaning that the parents produced puppies resembling themselves.

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