Bee Sting Remedies

This Silky is demonstrating one of the most common ways small dogs get bee stings.

I was chatting online with friends about bee sting remedies the other day.

I don’t know if you belong to any email lists but even in this age of Facebook, a good list can be fascinating. Subjects come up, turn into threads and lead to interesting discussions. It’s like having a bunch of friends chatting around a virtual coffee table.

We were talking about canine emergencies. Specifically, what do you do when your dog gets stung by a bee?

What are the remedies if it’s not really serious? I've always used baking soda on the sting site and children's benedryl taken internally to combat swelling. The consensus was that these were good ideas.

If it’s bad, if for example if your dog is having trouble breathing, you obviously need to rush to the vet. But there things you need to give your dog right away.

Benedryl and baking soda may not be enough.

Chat went back and forth and then I heard something interesting. There’s a vet named James Bridges (he’s also a Pug breeder) who has done seminars on what to have in your K9 emergency kit.

Dr. Bridges suggests children's benedryl liquid, taken internally. This is generally enough to bring the swelling down for minor stings. For a 10 lb. dog the dosage is about 2 ccs, given orally. It's an over the counter medication. But if the swelling doesn’t come down or your dog has trouble breathing, you need more -- a quick trip to the vet is in order.

Of course, be sure to check with your vet for this or any canine medical advice. But your dog depends on you to know what to do in emergencies -- it's up to you to be as informed as possible.

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