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They have a long and loose curl to their coat, more Shirley Temple than a tight weave and their hair is always pure white. They do well with equally sweet children but can have trouble keeping up with active or rowdy kids.


They were developed in Bologna, Italy in the 11th and 12th century. The Medici prized them, as did the Gonzaga and Este families. The Marquis de Pompadour, Catherine the Great and Queen Maria Theresa of Austria all owned the breed. It’s easy to imagine these small fluffy balls, peeking out from under brocaded skirts or stretching out across a velvet lap.

At one point their popularity waned and the breed became almost extinct. But a few stalwart breeders wouldn’t take “no more Bolognese” for an answer and were instrumental in bringing the breed back from the brink. Now popular in Europe, they are in the Miscellaneous class in the AKC.

By the Numbers

Size: between 5 and 9 lbs
Coat Care: 8 -- medium. They need regular brushing to keep down the tangles and baths to keep the coat pristine.
Trainability: 6 – medium. They are very willing to learn but sometimes lack the energy for optimum persistence.
Energy level: 4 -- low.They like a good walk but more for the companionship than the exercise.
Good with Children: 5 - medium They do well with older well mannered children.
Hypoallergenic: 8 – high They don’t shed and are highly hypoallergenic.
Noise level: medium – 5: They bark occasionally but are not generally noisy.

To find out what kind of breeder to look for check out:What is a Responsible Dog Breeder.To find out if YOU have what it takes look at: What Makes a Responsible Pet Owner.To get more information or to find a puppy, contact theBolognese Club of America.

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