Cavalier Coloring Pages

This is a sweet and gentle sporting dog in miniature. Wonderful around children, their biggest desire in life is to please their owners. Most Cavies tails never stop wagging! Below are lots of Cavalier coloring pages; click on any picture to open a printable download, and enjoy!

This is a Tri-Color Cavalier; he is black, red and white. Also notice that his hair is a bit curlier than some of the other dogs. They do shed quite a bit.

This a Ruby; he is a bright brown red.

This Cavalier is also watching his owner. He (and the rest of the dogs below) are all Blenheims (red and white).

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was originally an ancient breed and a favorite of Charles II of England. But over time the breed changed, fell out of favor and became the English Toy Spaniel (for a picture comparison of the two breeds, check out Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.)

Fanciers in the 1800’s, observing the Van Dyck paintings of small, medium-nosed spaniels frolicking around their monarch, wanted to re-create this sweet and willing breed. They went to work, and using the basics of the English Toy Spaniel, worked their way back to the longer nosed, slightly larger dogs that King Charles II himself would recognize.

They are 12´to 13” at the shoulder and 13 to 18 pounds.
Their coat care is low, they require weekly brushing and an occasional bath, but no trimming.

They are easy to train and quite easy to please. They have an medium energy level; above all they want to please their people.
They are also one of the very best small kid dogs. They don't bark much. 

Though Cavaliers were only recognized by the AKC in 1995, they have long been the most popular breed in Great Britain. They are gaining fast in the AKC rankings, over 20% in the last several years. 

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