Cesky Terriers

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This handsome pair was photographed at the Sydney Royal Show 2013.

Cesky Terriers (pronounced “chesky) is an “un-terrier” -- one of the few of that feisty bunch that knows how to consistently make nice with his fellows.  

Born black and maturing out at 2 to 3 years to any shade of grey between silver and charcoal (sometimes with tan markings) their coat is soft, not harsh. Shy and reserved with strangers, they are a calm and loyal companion to their own people. They need continuing socialization and training to do well in public but remain a steady and courageous hunter their entire lives, not afraid to go to ground after their quarry.


Pictured is a father, son and the puppy is a granddaughter.

This is a medium terrier, 10 to 13 inches at the shoulders and 16 to 22 lbs, with a drop ear and slightly higher in the rear. They require monthly trimming to keep tidy and are highly hypoallergenic.

Is this the right breed for you? If you are looking for an unusual breed and a medium sized terrier, courageous but calm, loyal to his family, fine with older children and needing plenty of exercise -- he just might be.




The current designer mix faddists could take a page from Mr. Frantisik Horak.

He was an avid hunter and breeder of Scottish Terriers. He wanted to create a brave animal who could hunt in packs in the Bohemian forests; he did the first cross between a Scottie and a Sealyham in 1949.  He reported his findings to the Czech Terrier Club in 1950, making a request to name the new breed “Cesky Terrier”. The breed has long been accepted by the FCI and by the AKC in 2011.

This is the national breed of the Czech Republic.

These two are thinking of jumping down.

Cesky Terriers By the Numbers


Size: They should be 10 to 13 inches at the shoulder, weighing 16 to 22 lbs.

Coat Care: 5: medium; needs some brushing and a regular trimming, as they don’t shed.

Trainability: 5: medium: They can be chary of strangers and need continuing socialization throughout their lives to remain friendly to those they don’t know. They do their best training when there is something small to be chased, even if it’s  red rubber ball.


Energy level: 8: This is an energetic breed that can keep up with romping children.

Good with Children: medium: 6: The breed has little tolerance of careless toddlers but can make a good buddy for an active child.

Noise level: 3: low: This is one of the quieter of the terriers.

Low Shedding/hypoallergenic: 8: On a par with poodles, they shed very little.

To get more information or to find a puppy contact the Cesky Terrier Club of America or the American Kennel Club at www.akc.org.  How can you tell if a breeder is responsible? Check out What is a Responsible Breeder. How about if you have what it takes? Check out What Makes a Responsible Pet Owner.

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