Cheeky Little Devils

Here are two of our cheeky little devils -- Silkys Rocket, (in back) and Shiela.

As people who appreciate small dogs, we know how they can have devilish and sassy personalities. They beguile and entrance, they cheer up our lives. They certainly don’t always behave, but we wouldn't have them any other way!

So the newsletter name of “Cheeky Little Devils” fits perfectly.

It will not only cover the latest from the website, I will also have articles and pictures you won't find anywhere else. I pour through many off site resources for the latest information – I will share what I find in the newsletter. If the Store has new products, if there are a bunch of new pages, if I have some personal news to share, you’ll hear about it in the newsletter.

Small dogs can get the short end of things; we admire them because they are so cute but we then don't always train them properly -- after all, you can always pick them up, right? So small dogs don't always learn their manners and they can become real problems for their owners. The newsletter will always have lots of links to what to do for specific problems.

What's the cost? Nada. Zilch. Nuttin. Pretty good, huh? And not to worry -- we have a strict policy -- your email will only be used for the newsletter. We will never sell it elsewhere.

So join today. The invitation is on the top left of the page. And let your friends know so they can join too.

To start off, here are some videos from past Cheekys:

Brooksville 2011 Videos

Toy Poodles in Australia    

Pekingese in Australia   

Papillons in Australia 

STCA National April 2012

Melbourne Royal September 2012

Boston Terriers

Toy Fox Terriers

American Eskimos

Mini Short Haired Dachshunds

Standard Short Haired Dachshunds

Standard Wire Haired Dachshunds

Lowchen in Australia 

Dog Videos

Silky Puppies

World Dog Show 2012

And to prove that small dog owners can be as goofy and cheeky as their pets, Anna Schemm and I, on the way to the Brooksville shows in 2011,  wrote: 
The Ten Days of Brooksville You sing it to the Twelve Days of Christmas.




Sandy Bergstrom Mesmer

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