Dachshund Coloring Pages

This mini dachsie is standing steady in quite a wind!

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People often look at Dachshund pictures and ask me if that really is a Dachsie. This is because the breed comes in 6 varieties:

short haired
long haired and 
wire haired; each type coming in standard and mini. But each variety has the signature long head, sausage body, short legs and big feet.

The one above is a long haired mini, standing firm in a pretty stiff breeze. 

This is also a long coated dachshund, but a standard sized one. 

“Dachs” means badger in German, and the dachshund was bred to be a courageous hunter of the badger either above the ground or deep in its underground lair. 

Dachshunds get along better than many other small dogs with children and make loveable and playful companions.

This mini wire is trotting along in a stiff breeze.

Dachshunds love their people and can be very possessive. 

Single-colored dachshunds can be red or cream, two colored can be black, chocolate, wild boar, gray and fawn, each with rich tan or fawn markings. Dachshunds can also be dappled or merle, brindle (black or dark stripes occur over the whole body) or sable (a dark overlay on red dogs). 

This dachshund picture really shows why they are sometimes called hot dogs.

The Dachshund was developed in the 1600’s to be long and low enough to dig the earth out from a badger burrow and courageous enough to take on woodland predators.

Speculation is that the long-haired variety was created by breeding with small spaniels, the wire-haired with small terriers. The long-haired variety has a softer and sweeter temperament and the wire-haired is definitely a bit sharper. But all three varieties share the unique daschie temperament: happy-go-lucky, friendly but stubborn about important matters like chasing squirrels and favorite toys.

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