Dog Communication

This video on dog communication was done by the Galveston Kennel Club, under the auspices of the American Kennel Club. It educates in story form how to speak "dog" and is titled "The Dog Listener". The excellent information given here is relayed with humor and understanding -- it's a must-see!

Small dogs are often coddled and pampered.

It can be easy to forget that they are dogs.

But they don't do well being treated like babies. Small dogs can feel threatened when you hug them. If you don't recognize whether a dog is worried, you can get in their faces when they would rather be left alone. And sometimes you can get bit when we don't know when to back off.

Kids especially need to learn how to speak dog. Kids will beg and beg their parents to get a pet. But once home they treat their "new friend" like a human, with sometimes disastrous results.

See Calming Your Dog - the Power of a Good Yawn for more details on how to interact in this fascinating language. If you can speak dog, and not just understand it, you can really become an expert!

Here is a short slide show, good to teach kids and adults about the language of canines.

I draw exception to video's description of the yawning and licking of lips -- these are efforts on the dog's part to lower stress, and are not just symptoms.

Also a dog isn't necessarily relaxed because he is panting. After all he could be worried -- and hot. But the information about the half-moon aspect of the eyes is excellent.

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