Dog Treats  
And What They Have to Do With Overweight Dogs

Beagles are one of the breeds that become easily overweight.

Overweight dogs can be a big problem and the right dog treats can either help keep them slim, or add to their bottom line.

It’s much more than aesthetics—fat small dogs have a reduced quality of life and a shortened life span. Our buddies are with us for so little time as it is – shouldn’t we do everything to help them stay with us as long as possible?

It’s so easy to put the pounds onto a small dog, a few snacks here and there can add up and that svelt little one becomes a miniature football.

Preventative measures are of course best. How to start so that your puppy stays thin all his life?

First of all, never feed your dog at table.

When I say never I mean never. My Shiela lets me know every time I get home from a trip if George has been feeding her at table.

We’re sitting and talking, and he’s got a forkful of roast half way to his mouth.

BARK!!!!!!! says Shiela. She’s glaring at him.

Busted, I say.

It only takes a couple of times for a dog to consider it their god-given right to eat scraps from the table. Scraps are never as nutritious as a well balanced quality dog food. And furthermore, table scraps spoil your dog’s appetite for the good stuff.

But if you must give your dog a bit of this or that, put it in their own food bowl.

Do you really want to be interrupted and barked at during dinner?

Next, never give your dog commercial treats.

I’m not talking here about the various chews to help keep teeth clean, rawhide chews or raw bones. That is a separate post.

I’m talking about those weird processed kind of “not really” bacon strips. Or those chocopup drops whatever you call them. Or the too rich (and expensive) biscuits. Save your money. They not only waste your cash, they are too rich and spoil your dog’s appetite.

Instead, either make your own healthy treats – click here for some great ideas: little pittie healthy dog treats. – or feed raw vegetables. My dogs (even the highly spoiled Shiela) love raw broccoli. And raw carrots, cauliflower, lettuce ribs, basically any raw veggie that has a nice crunch to it. They even like raw potato!

Raw veggies allow you to reward your small dog without spoiling her appetite.

Finally make sure your dog gets enough exercise.

Small dogs can definitely be more decorative than their big cousins. But though a Yorkshire Terrier doesn’t need to be run every day like a Doberman, a Yorkie does much better, is healthier and longer lived if he has vigorous exercise every single day. So do all small dogs.

How do you train a small dog to enjoy his walkies? Aha. Check out Leash Training for Dummies

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