Dog Videos

Dog videos are so cool. I make them myself regularly, I get them in my inbox and I dig around in YouTube for them every once in a while. Occasionally I update this post, so check back for the latest!

Dog Dancing at World Show 2012

This always gives me goosebumps.

At Crufts, Doggie Dancing is called Heelwork. Here is the winner of Crusfts, 2013:

Individual Silky Terrier Videos

We sometimes take individual videos of certain dogs. Here are some of our latest.

Useful Dog Tricks 3 Performed by Jesse

This is the most recent in a series that I love.


I love this video because all the commands used are very basic. These are great dogs, performing beautifully.

Doggy Drummer

You are going to be surprised exactly how this dog uses the drum!

Toy Poodles in Australia

Show dogs, with some exceptions for tails and ears, look the same the world over. The puppy in this video is especially cute.

Pekingese in Australia

The Pekingese as a breed fascinates me wherever I can find them. The hair! The rolling gait! Their mug! For me, they are about as different as you can get in a dog, and still stay a dog.

Going to the Dogs -- Florida Classic Cluster Brooksville, FL

What does a quality outdoor dog show look like? Check out the magnificent Florida Classic Cluster in 2012, in Brooksville, FL.

Boston Terriers

If you have ever wondered why Boston Terriers are called "America's Gentlemen", wait no more. Watch a bunch of Bostons and check out their good manners!


I'm always fond of rare breeds, and Lowchen are no exception. They are ancient members of the Bichon family and were commonly portrayed at the bottom of a German knight's tomb, curled around his feet.

Toy Fox Terriers

This breed is an "un-Chihuahua", cocky and happy. Watch him in action!


Pomeranians are a little nugget of a dog. Hard wired to be most excellent companions, the breed can make some of the most best dog buddies ever.

Crazy Pomeranian Lady

I love this video because it pokes wonderful fun at us silly dog people.

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