English Toy Spaniels

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This is a lovely King Charles, seen at the Brooksville shows in 2011.

You may well look at an English Toy Spaniel and think – don’t I know this breed?

Well, of course you do! This is a cousin breed of the much more familiar King Charles Cavalier Spaniel – however it’s the English Toy that is the far more ancient breed. You can check out The Cavie at Cavalier King Charles Spaniels This breed has a shorter muzzle than its cousin, a shorter neck and a rounder skull. Both breeds are happy-go-lucky and very loving.

Can you see how much fun this King Charles is having?

This is a small, square-bodied dog with a silken, shiny, medium-length coat with heavy fringing on the ears. They come in four colors: Blenheim (red and white), Prince Charles (white with black and tan markings), King Charles (black and tan) and ruby (red).

The ETS makes a wonderful companion to gentle and understanding children. They shed quite a lot and are not hypoallergenic.

This lovely Prince Charles is trucking around the ring at the Eukanuba shows in Orlando in December 2012.


It appears that the English Toy Spaniel began its life in the Far East, but the details are hazy. Once in the west, landowners, (used to sturdy and sweet spaniels for their hunting dogs), saw no reason not to indulge their ladies with miniature versions of their loyal companions. The breed was a favorite of royalty; for example, party-loving English King Charles II never went anywhere without a gentle swarm of little spaniels around his feet.


Then it developed further, becoming shorter muzzled and with a rounder skull, slowly becoming the breed it is today.  Despite the physical changes, the ETS has remained a loyal and sweet companion.

By the Numbers


Size: 8 to 14 lbs. Cobby and solidly constructed, with a relatively large head for its body.

Coat Care: 7: medium to high; needs regular brushing to defeat mats, especially on the deeply fringed ears. The ears require regular maintenance to defeat incipient infection, common in all drop-eared dogs.

Trainability: 6: medium The breed wants nothing more than to please their owners but has an extremely short attention span and is easily distracted.

Energy level: 6: medium: They do well will a moderate amount of exercise.

Good with Children: 6: medium: -- They like children but are quite sensitive and don’t do well with rough handling

Noise level: low – 4: This is not a noisy breed.

Low Shedding/hypoallergenic: 3: low: This is one of those breeds that will leave tumbleweeds of hair all over your house.

To get more information or to find a puppy, contact the English Toy Spaniel Club of America or the American Kennel Club.  To find out what to look for in a breeder, check out What Makes a Responsible Breeder. Do YOU have what it takes? Check out: What Makes a Responsible Pet Owner to find out.

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This is a mother/daughter pair I found at the Sydney Royal shows in the spring of 2013. You probably can't tell which is mom and which is kid, the breed is sturdy and healthy. Both girls are watching me with the typical ETS attitude of two little queens ready to take my homage.

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