Finicky Eaters

This is Silky Candy, who was a world class beggar and finicky eater until her owners applied the techniques below.

This letter was sent to me several years ago. In answering it, I realized that it would also make a great post.

Dear Sandy,

I have a Silky Terrier that is three years old, I have been feeding her Pro Plan Small Breed Formula (which is dry). I always have to moisten it for her. But lately she has really been turning her nose up at it. I was just wondering if you have any recommendations on dog food. I would prefer to feed her the dry food because it is supposed to be better for them.

By the way, her name is D and we just adore her! This is our second silky. We previously owned one for 15 years and lost her to kidney disease.

Best, J

Dear J,

I like either Eukanuba Yorkshire or Royal Canin Yorkshire for picky dogs. Both foods are more expensive. But they seem to be more palatable. If D still insists on some canned, best is Mighty Dog. Room temperature canned is much more palatable than refrigerated  The trick is to put a heaping tablespoon on the dry, then mix it in very well, with a very small amount of water if necessary. Then in order to get the yummy canned, your girl will need to eat some dry as well.

Put her food down and leave her alone. If she hasn't eaten her food in an hour, pick up the bowl and throw away the food. Kids hate leftovers, so do picky dogs. Feed her again with fresh food at her next meal time. I have a finicky eater named Shiela. She got much better when I removed the nibbled at food after an hour.

Also remember always that finicky eaters are almost always made and not born. Give D food that you know is yummy, then let her eat it or not. She will eat when she is hungry. Make very very sure she doesn't get table scraps, and only give raw veggies for treats.

Best, Sandy

P.S. D sounds like a love. Send me a picture some time.

Dear Sandy,

Thanks for the info you provide to silky owners. I enjoyed the one about the husband. D was so much like that with my husband when we first got her!

Best J

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