First Aid Kits

What You Gotta Have, What You Gotta Know

Is this Silky just thoughtful, or is there something wrong? Having a good first aid kit can give you piece of mind.

First aid kits are vital, to be prepared in a case of emergency. But before all that, if an emergency occurs and you aren't home, whoever is watching the dog needs to know how to get the appropriate medicine into him. So every adult in the house needs to know how to do this.

You can put a pill in a bit of something delicious like hamburger or cheese, and present it to your dog as a treat. But small dogs can be clever little guys and pretty good at taking off the yummy parts of such a package and leaving the pill carefully behind. To make absolutely sure the pill gets swallowed:

Put your dog in his grooming arm. Open his mouth, put the pill in as far back as you can manage, close his mouth quickly and hold it closed, stroking the front of his neck until you feel him swallow.

If a liquid needs to be taken, put it in a syringe. Put your dog in his grooming arm. Stick the syringe in the side of his mouth and empty it. Hold his mouth closed until he swallows.

A first aid kid should include:

Anti diarrhea medication
Canned pumpkin – 
to help settle an irritated gut
Benedryl (diphenhydromene) for insect bites and allergies, take ¼ tablet – If your dog has a severe allergic reaction, call you vet.
Children's aspirin – dogs do not tolerate Tylenol or any other NSIDS (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs). A quarter tablet of baby aspirin may be used to bring down a moderate temperature, or to alleviate pain.
Corn Syrup – if your dog is suseptible to hypoglycemia
Sterile Gauze dressings
Bandage tape
Self adhesive bandages
Instant cold compresses
Hydrogen peroxide
Ophthalmic ointment
Antiseptic ointment
Syringes -- 
without needles, for giving your dog liquid medications
Syrup of Ipecac – 
used to induce vomiting, best used only with direction from your vet.
Activated charcoal – to neutralize the side effects of eating odd things

First aid instructions, including veterinary and emergency clinic numbers

Emergencies happen. They don't wait for a convenient moment, and they often happen when you least expect it. You, of course, need a great vet to help you ensure your dog lives a long and happy life.

But the biggest factor in your dog's health and longevity is you and having these simple staples on hand can make a huge difference -- just in case.

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