Funny Dogs Five -- Training Stories

We can do the oddest things while trying to teach our dogs. For one thing, we can get so serious about it.

I know plenty of times when I've wanted my dog to perform just one more time or to perfect an exercise, to straighten a sit or heel just that bit closer. I would get intense and that would travel down the leash to my dog, who would instantly stop working at all for me.

So it's a good idea every once in a while to relax, take a deep breath and have a good laugh.

Dogs must think we are strange, the way we jump up and down and get red in the face about the stupidest things. When you think of the above circumstance from a dog's perspective you can see how our dogs must think we are awfully silly. They don't have a concept of "mess" but they definitely can tell when we are upset with them! 

Dogs can easily do an exercise a couple of times, then "forget". Then need variety to stay consistent. My breed in particular lives by the motto of "I did that yesterday!" For them variety really is the spice of life.

This comic was one of my first and the text is a bit fuzzy. The last caption is "Eventually you can get your human to come all the way across the room!" It's definitely true that while I work and work to train my dogs, they are working and working to train ME! 

Finally, kids and dogs both need training. Dogs need to learn that kids deserve respect even though they can dance and giggle about just like a mouse or a lizard, and kids need to learn that a dog is never an animated teddy bear or Barbie doll.

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