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We've all watched those videos of some poor dog in a tutu being told to turn and turn while he looks like he wishes the floor would swallow him up. I don't really think that's funny. But I think that us humans are hilarious, with all the whacky, crazy things we do around our dogs.

It's the relationship between us as humans and our crazy and wonderful canines that fascinates me. We really are rather whacko around our dogs! We baby talk and try to treat them as small children, we think proudly how well we are training them when in fact they are training us, the list goes on and on.

And my own dogs are a constant source of inspiration. From devil-may-care Val, to Cruiser's companionship (my dogs are especially comforting when I'm pissed off) to Hugo's macho attitude -- these are all grist for my mill.

Watching dogs and what they do shines a spotlight on us silly humans. From our attempts to teach them, to our seasonal dance through spring, summer and fall, to the smart things our dogs know that we might learn...... (maybe) I will take a look at it all.

Below are a couple of my favorite strips -- above are links for lots more.

If you think this is all pretty funny, come and laugh along to my ongoing comic strip. I am a Maxwell award-winning artist with over 30 years of being knee deep in my own Silky Terriers. So mostly I use my own "funny dogs" as models.

I am definitely open to reader suggestions for future strips. What do your dogs do that make you laugh out loud? How about things YOU do around your dogs that are silly or embarrassing? I'll put the best ones on a list and make a strip about them.

Dog Wisdom; If You Can't....

But Can I Deliver Your Baby?

Doggy Language

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