Havanese Coloring Pages Galore!

I've noticed that our Havanese coloring pages are very popular. 

This makes sense. This is such a neat little breed, sweet and loving. 

It's logical that if you have or want to have this breed, you will also want to have their coloring pages. As always here at About Small Dogs, you will find accurate pictures that look -- and act -- like the breed!

So I've gone ahead and made some more. As always, click on the image to download a full printable picture.

Vote with your clicks -- the more popular a breed's coloring pages are, the more pictures I will make. You can always reach me for comments or questions -- just click on "Contact Us".

They are a sweet and lively companion dog. Their playful nature and small but sturdy size makes them an ideal family pet. They are unusual in that their rear is higher than their front legs.

With a non-shedding, profuse coat, in any color, they are a striking small dog while still being quite hypoallergenic.

They have a medium energy but requires a great deal of coat care. They can best be described as a small mop of a dog.

They are descended from the old Spanish Tenerife dogs, an ancestor of the Bichon family. They were brought to Cuba from Spain.

While they may have started out as an accessory to a Grandee’s entourage, they quickly became well loved by all levels of Cuban society and are the only native breed of Cuba. This breed is emblematic of their home -- sassy, sweet and sturdy survivors.

They are a healthy little dog and should never appear fragile. As long as the  children don't try to pull on all that hair, they make great kid dogs.

They have a minimal undercoat and shed very little.

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