Invisible Fences

Here are a bunch of Silkys, seeing if they can make a dash at the fence.

There are lots of interesting stories about invisible fences.

My friend from our old town was laughing.

"You didn't hear about this?"

"No, what happened?"

"You know our neighbors with the Silky named Justin down the street?"

"Sure. And?"

"Well, you know how proud they've been of their fence, how cool it was to have a nice view and bla bla bla? Well they just found out yesterday that when they leave Justin outside when they're not home, he waits about 5 minutes, jumps through the electrical force field, goes exploring, visits with all the neighbor dogs and just makes sure to be home before his owners arrive back."

"Wow! That sure says something interesting about invisible fencing."

"Yeah -- and about Justin, too!"

It's temping to think that this sort of fencing is a cure all, the perfect solution to communities where conventional enclosures aren't allowed or where the view is too nice to be obstructed by a big wooden fence. It's also easy to think of invisible fencing as an evil contraption to be avoided at all costs. The truth lies somewhere in between.

(And by the way, Justin's owners should have NEVER left him alone within the confines of an electric fence.)

Then again there was Tucker. He was a Coton de Tulear and for reasons we never knew, when his owners sold their house to my friends, they threw Tucker into the deal.

Tucker loved his house, home and yard. He enjoyed every inch of his allowed space and happily used an invisible fence all his life.

This is what Karen Oglesby has to say. She has had considerable experience with these sorts of fences:

"Well, I have mixed feelings about them. I think that no dog should ever be allowed out without supervision, even in a "real" fenced yard. Having said that I do see that they work for dogs of a certain temperament. The biggest problem is not a dog going out, but other dogs, coyotes, etc coming in.

"With very determined type dogs I don't think I would trust the fence. I have seen them work very well with keeping dogs out of certain areas rather than in. Neil Thomas, who has our Winston and Cindy, has a regular fence around his yard, but uses the invisible fence to keep the dogs out of certain areas within that yard.

"The new WiFi fences seem to be working better than the traditional type."

So bottom line, here are some pros and cons.


1. This type of fence can help keep dogs out of areas in a yard, within a conventional enclosure.
2. They can work for dogs that are even tempered and sweet, like Cavaliers and Cotons.
3. Per Karen, the WiFi fences work better.


1. Determined dogs like Justin will never accept the confines of such a fence, no matter how much it hurts. Know your dog.
2. There is a distinct danger of other dogs and other wild animal coming into your yard.

So is an invisible fence right for you? Maybe. Use the above pros and cons and know your own situation to make your decision.

Here's the link to start your search for invisible fences: SouthPaw Pet Supply Wi Fi Fences. By all means, start your search there.

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