Laughing Through Our Tears

This is Tucker, a couple of months before he passed away.

Sometimes there is no other way to get through a dire situation than by laughing through our tears.

The below was sent to me from my good friend Forrest.

Here is the back story: His Coton Tucker came to him in the strangest fashion.

When he bought his house several years ago, the sellers gave Forrest their dog at the same time. Tucker was a robust boy (but also very sweet) who loved every inch of his big back yard.

When Tucker started to get sick, he was taken in for tests and then more tests, but despite all the good care, the flesh wasted off his body and he was often incontinent, which I could tell was terribly embarrassing for him.

Finally one day he simply didn't wake up.

This is what Forrest wrote about a month after Tucker died:

"I stopped at the store on the way home and out of sheer habit, picked up a bag of dog food. While in the check-out line, the woman behind me asked if I had a dog.?!

I couldn't help myself. But I was able to say this cheerfully; "No, I'm starting the Purina diet again."

Then this just came to me--I don't know from where; "I probably shouldn't; I ended up in the hospital last time."

Then I was on a roll, entertaining myself because the guy who was in the line next to ours had that knowing twinkle in his eye when our eyes met. So while looking at him, I added, "But it works. I lost 35 pounds last time." He smiled.

"Really?!" she said, with a worried look.

"Yeah. It's nutritionally complete. You're never hungry. And it's incredibly convenient; you just put a hand full of the crunchies in each pocket and have two or three when ever you feel at all hungry."

She furrowed her brow. "But it put you into the hospital last time!" She used her mothering tone.

"No, it wasn't the diet," I explained, "It was the bus that hit me when I bent down to sniff an Irish Setter's butt."

Everybody laughed out loud but her. Even the checkout girls. But Wallmart won't let me shop there anymore."

Laughing through our tears does help -- it puts everything in a better perspective.

Thanks Forrest for the great story.

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