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The Lowchen is one of those breeds that looks like a more familiar dog -- but isn't.

This ancient breed is lively, cheerful and has never met a stranger.

He loves children and is friendly with other dogs; this is a great dog park dog. Energetic and prone to be noisy, he does best when well trained. He makes an excellent obedience and agility dog.

He is hypoallergenic and his single coat, which is slightly to moderately wavy, needs a thorough brushing at least weekly and his trim needs freshening about once every two months.

This is another rainbow breed -- all colors and color combinations are acceptable. He is shown in a "lion clip", hence the name, (which means little lion in German). He has clippered hair from the last rib to the tail, hindquarters to the hock joints, on the front legs from the elbows down to just above the pasterns leaving a cuff of hair around each foot. Both photos of the Lowchen are in the correct "Lion Clip".


Is this breed the progenitor of the Poodle? Perhaps. Maybe a relative of the Bichon Frise? There is no actual evidence either way. But dating back to the 1300's, if a medieval knight died in bed, a Lowchen was carved at the foot of his tomb.

So we know that this is an ancient breed.

By the Numbers

Size: 12 to 13 inches at the shoulder.
Coat Care: 7 – medium. Should be thoroughly brushed at least once a week, and the trim needs to be cleaned up at least every 2 months, if in a lion clip. He can also be put into a shorter puppy clip, which will need less regular care.
Trainability: 8 – high. They enjoy pleasing their owners and are easy to train. Check out this video for how they act:

Energy level: 8 - high
Good with Children: 8 – high They like children and children like them.
Noise level: high – 8: They bark vigorously for good reason, (at least as far as they're concerned). But they respond well to bark training, especially using distraction or positive reinforcement.
Low Shedding/hypoallergenic: – 3, low They shed very little and are quite hypoallergenic.

To get more information or to find a puppy, contact the Lowchen Club of America.

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