Miniature Schnauzers

Miniature Schnauzers, as one of the few terrier breeds not developed in the British Isles, are distinctly more biddable than their English cousins. However, they retain a protective nature which makes them an excellent watchdog. They are debonair, with long whiskers, a wiry double coat and a cropped, erect or folded-over ear. Coat colors can be salt and pepper, black and silver and solid black.

This breed inspired me to do the strip "Skill in Life". Though they are generally calm and slower to excite than most terriers, they will defend themselves if pushed to it.

This is a sturdy, highly trainable breed and can easily adapt to either city or country life. Their double coat requires either regular stripping (pulling out loose undercoat) or clippering.

This dog has been hand stripped and demonstrates an excellent coat texture.

Developed in southern Germany where they are still extremely popular, they were developed from Standard Schnauzers over 600 years ago (as contemporary paintings can attest). They were originally bred to be farm dogs, able to go to ground after all manner of creatures.

By the Numbers

Size: 12 to 14 inches at the shoulder..
Coat Care: 7 – medium. Requires little brushing but regular stripping or clippering.

Trainability: 8 – medium to high. They are biddable and learn easily.

Energy level: 7. They are a highly adaptable dog but do enjoy plenty of exercise.
Good with Children: 7 – They do well with children who can tell when they want to play – and when they don’t.

These two buddies are exhibiting a natural, folded-over ear.

Noise level: medium to high – 8: They can be noisy, especially when bored.
Low Shedding/hypoallergenic: – 3, low They shed very little.

To get more information or to find a puppy, contact the

American Miniature Schnauzer Club.

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