My Chinese Crested Won't Potty Train

by dana


My Chinese Crested is 4 months old she needs to pee about 10 times a day and has still accidents whenever she can, will she ever learn where to pee??

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Mar 11, 2012
How to Potty Train
by: Sandy

I can absolutely understand how frustrating it can be to potty train your small dog.

The first thing I would do is go to your vet and make sure that there is nothing physically wrong with your dog. Then go to my website and search "potty training." I have quite a few references for this important subject!

Below is an excerpt from "Preparing for a New Puppy":

"Unfortunately, it is very easy to teach your new puppy to soil your house. All you have to do is let your puppy roam loose. When he needs to go, he will find a spot he considers suitable. Then it will smell good, so he will want to go there again. And again.

This will not change no matter how much you jump up and down.

But potty training done right is relatively easy. Start with a well pottied and exercised puppy. Put him in his crate to sleep for three to four hours. Or for all night, as the case may be.

His bladder and rectum will fill but as a dog will naturally not want to mess his bed, he will hold it. When you take him from his crate, go with zero detours outside to his spot. Watch him go and praise praise, praise.

Then bring your new puppy in to a somewhat restricted area – in my house I put a baby gate across the entrance to the kitchen – and hang out with him. I put down a newspaper or two just to make sure. After about a half hour to an hour he will curl up to go to sleep.

Then put him back in his crate and repeat."

Please let me know how it goes!

Best, Sandy

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