Op Ed On Small Dogs

Shiela here always has an opinion about everything.

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I've always noticed that people who love dogs have strong opinions. There’s something about making sure our dogs walk well on a leash, potty on command and sit when asked that gets us used to the idea that it’s okay to have our own say. It’s nice to tell the neighbors but wouldn’t it be great to have a bit of a wider audience when you have something to say?

Op Ed on Small Dogs is your chance to let the rest of us know what you think. It's fine to vent to your friends but wouldn't it would be great to have a wider audience sometimes?

Is there an organization that you know that is "getting away with it"? One that perhaps people think is too big to go after?  How about a group that's doing a stellar job? Sure you can yak along with the other millions on Facebook – but it’s nice sometimes to share how you feel when there’s not so much noise around you.

What do you think about the hot buttons of the day? Puppy Mills? Responsible dog ownership? Ear cropping? On the other hand, do you know of an amazing product that you want to tell everyone about?

This is the place where you can let the rest of us know what you think, cheer on someone that could use the attention, or nail a group that otherwise might slide under the radar. Have you found the ultimate thingamagig? Let the rest of us know!

What do YOU think?

Usually opinion pages are all about politics or the latest scandal. But this Op Ed will be about small dogs and will be about the things that are important to you.

This is your chance to let the world know what you think.

This is what they said:

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I've been breeding and showing for coming up on 30 years. There is the awful power that I have over the end of my dogs' lives, it's literally the power …

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