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By far the most dignified of all the Chinese breeds, Pekingese are not only aristocratic but seriously consider themselves a member of a royal family. They resemble little, short legged lions, with a large flat face and heavy front quarters. They have a distinctive rolling gait, full of self confidence. Any colors or markings are allowable; the coat is long, coarse-textured and with a profuse undercoat. They require at least an hour of brushing a week to keep their coats untangled and are not hypoallergenic.

They do well in apartments as they best like to regard their subjects from a favorite cushion, but they do enjoy a good walk as well. They can be difficult to housebreak.


As far back as the 8th century Tang dynasty, Chinese art was full of pictures of the breed. Named after the Chinese capital Peking (now Beijing), they were considered sacred and the punishment for stealing a dog was death. When the British took over the Imperial Palace in 1860, soldiers brought the pampered little dogs home to England with them. The British quickly learned to prize their regal intelligence and independence.

By the Numbers

Size: up to 14 pounds
Coat Care: 8 – high. They need regular and thorough brushing. 
Trainability: 4 – low. You can train a Peke, but only if you can convince them that what you want them to do was their idea all along.

Energy level: 3. They are happy to observe their kingdom from a satin pillow.
Good with Children: 5 – medium. They do fine with older well mannered kids. 
Noise level: medium – 4: They are not a noisy breed. 
Low Shedding/hypoallergenic: – 9 They do shed and are not hypoallergenic.

To get a better idea of what kind of breeder to look for, check out: What Is a Responsible Breeder. And to make sure you have what it takes, check out What Makes A Responible Pet Owner. To get more information or to find a puppy, contact the the Pekingese Club of America. And when you are ready to purchase your puppy, realize you'll need more than the perfect leash and dog food bowl. Keep yourself and your new companion on the straight and narrow path to success with Preparing for a New Puppy. Good luck and be sure to send pictures!

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He's loyal, loving, funny, kind and makes me feel very happy to share my life with him. He's my world and I love him with all my heart. 
My boy Peke is now four years old, he came into my life at 6 weeks, and has changed my world forever. I had always admired Pekingese; being from the …

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