Portuguese Podengo Pequeno (PPP's) Coloring Pages

Featuring the Neatest Little Dog You've Never Met.

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In 2006 I was at the World Show in Poland. We were watching the big evening spectacular when a lady started passing around a 12 pound, short-haired, fawn colored little dog. When it was my turn to hold him, he snuggled into my arms and looked up at me with big brown eyes, and sighed liked he’d just come home.

I was highly flattered until I passed him along to the next willing lap where he looked up at that lady with his big brown eyes……. Well, you get the picture.

I renewed my love affair with the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno when I was at the World show in Paris July 2010. I spent a wonderful morning ringside gaping at all the dogs, soaking in their personalities and taking lots of pictures. All the coloring pages below come from those photographs.

This is a sweet and lively hound dog, bred to hunt rabbits. They are smart and great with kids.

They do well with other dogs and cats, but aren’t so wonderful with birds or rodents.

Though small, PPP's need a lot of exercise and aren’t recommended for apartment life unless you are willing and able to take several vigorous walks with him each day.

The PPP size is from 11 to 13 lbs. Moyen Podengos (middle sized) resemble the Ibizan Hound. They come in shades of yellow to brown, with white patches, and can either be wire coated or smooth.

They are an ancient breed, originally developed on the ships of the Portuguese king Henry the Navigator in the 1400's. Sure, part of their job was to take care of the rats and other vermin on board, but their real purpose was to keep the lonely sailors company on the long, dangerous voyages.

They are both extremely tough and extremely sweet. Is a Podengo right for you?

If you are looking for a super sweet dog that can handle kids and does well in a lively household, if you are looking for a small dog that could keep up with a jogger on a daily run, then maybe -- just maybe a Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is right for you.

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