This fawn is showing the typically quizzical expression of the breed.

Pugs have been excellently described as “multum in parvo” which means “a lot of dog in a small place”. They are cobby and well muscled, from their short wrinkled faces to their tightly curled tails. They are popular and well loved because of their sweet disposition, and can come in fawn, silver fawn apricot fawn or black, with a well defined mask.

This is a handsome black.

They are comfortable in small apartments as they need minimal exercise, but enjoy good walks as well. As one of the short-faced breeds, they should be kept in air-conditioning in the summer and do not do well on planes.

This fawn demonstrates that despite being a snub-nosed breed, he can still step out!


This is one the oldest known breeds with records going back prior to 400 BC. Most agree that they originated in China, due to the breed's strong resemblance to the Pekingese, where they were pets of Buddhist monks in Tibet. They became popular in the west when the Dutch adopted them and called them “Mops”. Then the Dutch king William married Mary, queen of England and he brought his beloved dogs along, greatly enhancing their popularity in Great Britain.

By the Numbers

Size: 14 to 18 pounds.
Coat Care: 3 – low. They are short coated and don’t require brushing, but need regular baths to avoid skin rashes.

The breed has very low coat care, but does shed some and you need to make sure to keep the wrinkles clean, or they may get infected.

Trainability: 6 – medium. They enjoy training mostly because it means they can hang with their people.
Energy level: 5, medium They do well with minimal exercise but also enjoy a good walk. As with all short faced breeds, care must be taken not to over exert them.

Noise level: low – 3: They will bark when needed but are not noisy.
Low Shedding/hypoallergenic: – 6, medium While they are short coated, Pugs have plenty of undercoat, do shed and are not hypoallergenic.

To get more information or to find a puppy, contact the Pug Club of America to start your search. And make sure you have what it takes by checking out What Makes a Responsible Pet Owner.

This breed can get along well with other dogs.

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