Senior Dog

by Linda
(San Antonio TX)

Im not sure this is a training issue really as much as a geriatric one. My Soft Haired Wheaton terrier is 12. Hes always been kind of fiesty bossing around my other dogs who are all larger than he is but lately hes gotten really grumpy.

We moved to a new house and he is marking. I expected it - he is neutered but has always had that issue in new situations. Two months later he is still marking, but he's exhibiting new behaviors as well. he is really aggressive. He bit one of his pack mates and drew blood (a 60 lb pit bull who fortunately is a big baby), he tried to bite my daughter, succeeded in biting my other daughter without drawing blood, and bit me and actually broke the skin.

All of these attacks are pretty much without provocation. The dog was over a toy, one daughter yelled at him while he was marking, the other daughter startled him, and me? I was just walking toward the door and he attacked my foot.

I have a vet appt next week but Im very concerned about his aggressive behavior.

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Nov 20, 2012
Some POssible Help.....
by: Sandy

It must be frustrating and a bit scary to have a dog that is suddenly acting aggressive. Good idea that he's having a vet appointment-- lots of "grumpiness" can actually be a medical condition. Check out my post specifically the section on CDS, Cognitive Canine Dysfunction.
Please give me posted as to how this goes!

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