She is so patient

by Alison Donahue
(Virginia Beach, VA)

We have had our Phoebe Hannah Margaret for ten years. She's been fabulous. She's a quiet lap dog type who thinks everyone who visits is there to let her lie in their lap and pet her silky coat.

Her best trait is that she has been an angel towards our daughter who arrived when Phoebe was two years old. We always tried to expose her to lots of the neighborhood children in preparation for the eventual arrival of a child in our household, so she was somewhat prepared.
A growing child is a terror for a small dog, but she never once acted aggressively towards our daughter and we are so grateful to have such a special dog. She hid under the bed for a long time when our daughter started crawling, but once she discovered that food fell from her highchair like candy rain, they became fast friends. Poor Phoebe has tolerated tight hugs and occasional hair pulling (that’s when we clipped her hair short to spare her), being dressed up in doll clothes and hidden under my daughter’s blankets and all with the grace of a guardian angel. We just love her to bits.

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