Silky Puppies

Show someone a puppy or a baby, and I will dare them not to grin.

Puppies are the cutest, thank goodness! If they were ugly and rude, they’d never get the care they need.

With their winning ways, they make us want to take care of them and support them. Puppies (and babies too of course) need a lot of work to educate and socialize! 

Occasionally I take videos of our own kennel's or a friend's kennel's puppies. Just about always I take pictures.

When the puppies are tiny as in these two videos, they pay very little attention to me. But later on, they become very curious as to what I am doing!

So I get down on the floor and have them come over and explore this strange human creature. Then I try to become a fly on the wall so they go off about their business and pay no more attention to me.

There’s often the shy puppy, maybe an independent one who is not very interested in what I am up to, and always at least one who cannot get close enough. The last can be the hardest to shoot because I can’t get them far enough away to get them in proper focus. So I try to play possum until they go off about their business, and then I can start to take pictures.

It always amazes me how much more a camera lens can reveal than the naked eye. I use a camera often to see exact traits in a puppy that are somehow invisible to my naked eye.

From time to time I'll add another video, and certainly more pictures.

So this is the right place for a Silky puppy fix.  Enjoy and ooh and ahh as much as you like. There really isn’t anything cuter than babies or puppies.

These were extremely young puppies, just learning to walk on four feet. There's something magical about those first hesitant steps.

These Silky puppies from Australia have undocked tails.

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