Small Dog Companionship -- Can I Come Too?

Can I come too?

I closed the door closed quietly behind me. I could hear Cruiser whining softly as I walked away.

There are so many places you really can’t take a dog. Workplaces tend to frown at four legs, even small, well mannered dogs that fit nicely under your desk.

Most restaurants won’t allow dogs. Most stores too, even ones that don’t sell food.

“Pick up your dog please,” the polite sales guy at Best Buy told me.

And at Barnes and Noble: “We don’t allow dogs here. You have to leave.” (Well there goes, “Sit down. Relax. Read a book.” Geez.)

But also, even more importantly, after a while, it just becomes easier to leave the dog at home. No leashes, no walkies, no poop bags.

But one of the reasons we got a dog was because we wanted small dog companionship. There are lots of places you can bring a little dog where a Great Dane just won’t fit. (Heck, we would have made it through dessert that time with Silky Hugo in his carry-on at Texas Longhorn if he hadn't decided he hated the waiter and tried to eat his way through his carrier. Oops.)

Yorkies fit nicely in an oversized purse. So do Chihuahuas, Maltese, Min Pins, Papillons and many more. Other small dogs fit just fine in airline style carry-ons (for more info on taking your small dog along on a plane trip, see Flying With Your Small Dog. The carry-ons go beautifully in many non-airline places as well.)

But even outside of a bag, small dogs can go more places. Not only to the beach or the dog park, but the in-laws and maybe even casual Friday. And it’s worth it, even though it’s more work. You got your dog because you wanted the companionship, remember?

Your Cruiser will thank you.

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