Small Dog Travel Guide

It's just a fact that small dog travel is easier than bringing along a Doberman or Golden Retriever.

After all, do you remember why you bought your small dog? Perhaps you had large ones before but now wanted an animal a bit more manageable in size. Or you live in an apartment or neighborhood that only allows dogs under, say 25 lbs. Or the breed you happened to fall in love with happened to be a small dog.

But didn’t you also consider that small dogs are just easier to take along? This is very much part of most people’s decision. Tiny dogs fit in an over-sized purse, small dogs under about 15 lbs can fit into a soft airline carrier. Hotels, businesses, even your mother-in-law will often let you bring a dog along “if it’s a small one”.

Yet here you are, days, weeks, months, sometimes even years into having your new pooch, yet you are not doing the small dog travel you promised yourself. It can be hard to know:

1. What are the right ways to bring a dog in the car?
2. How should I travel with my small dog on an airplane? Is it really cruel to bring her? 
3. How about shipping my dog? Is that an unqualified no-no?
4. What about the right way to leave a dog behind? What’s the deal with pet sitting? Boarding kennels?
5. Are there really pet friendly hotels?
6. Are there really pet friendly airlines?
7. How about taking my dog to work? The pros and cons?
8. What’s the deal with international travel?
9. And perhaps most importantly, what training should I give my small dog so she makes an ideal traveling partner?

You have a dog because she fits a hole in your heart, satisfying with companionship in ways no other creature can quite manage. Small dogs can “companion” better than their big cousins because you can physically take them more places.

But you have to know how. This guide will show you how.

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Dog Car Safety
Small Dog Pet Carriers
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