The Secret to Quality Dog Food

There are dog foods out on the market so fancy that they feel like they require a crystal food bowl on a designer tray. There are others so basic and flat cheap that they don’t seem to need a bowl at all.

I used to wonder, what quality of dog food is good enough for my dogs? After all, if the super fancy stuff is the right stuff, I’d be willing to cough up the extra bucks if it made a large difference in the health of my animals.

I've seen articles saying that good dog food should smell like good people food, and long explanations of food ingredients.

But just like some things are okay to get at a dollar store, I want to know; is it all just smoke and mirrors and the cheap stuff is plenty okay?

The answer actually lies somewhere in between. I found this out years ago. A friend of mine said, “Haven’t you ever noticed that cheap dog food stays the same price but the expensive stuff goes up and down?”

“Yeah! What’s with that?”

“Well, expensive dog foods, (basically Purina ONE on up) maintain a consistent formula. So if the price of one of the ingredients in their recipe goes up, the manufacturers pass the cost onto the consumer. But when ingredient prices go up for cheap dog foods, they change their formula – that is, add more corn or whatever – to maintain the same price structure. So their prices don’t fluctuate. But it’s not always the same dog food. That’s why your dog can do great on one cheap bag and get all itchy and weird on the next.”


“Yeah I know.”

And that seems to me to be the basic deal. It seems logical to me to work with a consistent formula – above that, the choice should depend on what your dog likes, what he does well with and what you can afford.

What do I feed? My dogs have done well, at one time or another, with Purina ONE, Eukanuba and Royal Canin. I choose depending on what my dogs like, what they do well with and what I can afford.There is of course a whole debate of soft vs. kibble and demand feeding vs. once or twice a day and of course where to feed – these will be the subject of other posts.

I’d also be interested in hearing from you. What do you feed your dog, and how? Click on Contact Us.

Best, Sandy

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