The Wonderful World of Worms

As gross as it may be, dogs constantly have a low level of pin and whip worms in their system, whether detected by a stool sample or not. Sometimes there are also rounds and tapes, and the populations can definitely spike for one reason or another.

No dog, even if it lives on Aubbison carpets and dines from a crystal goblet, is entirely free of the creatures.

How do I know about this? The Center for Disease Control did a study several years ago. There is also a reference about it in the “Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Vol II” Ettinger and Feldman, 2002.

This is not just something to shrug off.What do you think that population in your dog's body is eating? His food! You spend a lot of money trying to maintain you pooch's full and balanced diet – but when he can never take it's full benefit, it's like having a bunch of hungry neighbors over every night sharing dinner. The interlopers can make your dog run down, susceptible to illness and can shorten his life span.

When we put our dogs on the protocol below, we noticed that our newborn puppies were about 1/3 bigger. Anecdotal of course, but very interesting.

So what to do?

Use the medication every single month, and use a mild one. The mildest effctive one is fenbenzadol, sometimes sold as Safeguard and sometimes as Panacur. This can be bought at a feed store or at some of the online retailers. Follow their directions as to correct dosage but use it 5 days in a row for the first month, 3 days in a row every month thereafter.

Worming is one of those weird things. If it's working well, your dog will be boringly healthy.

But if you don't, your dog can have all sorts of other conditions that stem from his rundown condition. It's hard to see a direct link, but the link is there. Just ask the CDC.

So think of it like a doggie vitamin pill. Your dog will live a longer and healthier life. Sound boring? I don't think so.

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