Training a Small Dog

Training should start early and be consistent.

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Training a small dog isn't just about tricks, though they can be fun. It's about having a good time with your dog.

While "everybody knows" that big dogs need discipline and dog classes, training a small dog isn't quite so obvious. I've long felt that small dogs get a bad rap around trainers and owners. It's the "Awwwww isn't he cute" factor that allows small dogs to get away with the kind of murder no one would let a big dog do.

Once a small dog gets used to pottying in the house or barking his head off or pulling like a sled dog, it becomes "normal behavior". Not so cute any more and definitely caused, not by your delightfully cute Chihuahua or Pug or Pomeranian, but by YOU.

Small dogs need exactly the same gentle, positive and consistent training as their bigger cousins. Small dog training is very similar to training a big one; they are just a smaller package.

I know how to train small dogs. I have accumulated hard-won knowledge over the last 30 years as a hobby-breeder showing Silky Terriers (87 homebred AKC Champions and counting).

You will get expert and honest training advice; if I don’t know the answers, I have many experienced friends who can help. You deserve to know the easy, problem-solving techniques we have learned over the years.

To get even more data and to enjoy over 200 illustrations, check out my book, How To Turn Your Dog Into a Show-Off intended for children from 8 to 89.

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See and click below to the individual training pages. And look into Dog Obedience Basics for some training a small dog ground rules.

Enjoy! And your dog will thank you. After all, the better your dog is trained, the more he can be your friend.

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Tricks as Distraction                                                                         

The Power of Intention

Useful Dog Tricks

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