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Vari Kennels and Sky Kennels

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Now that you know that a good crate for your dog is necessary, the question comes – which one is the best?

It’s interesting to hang out in the grooming area of a dog show. While some of the crates may be covered with quilted covers, underneath they are all one of 2 brands –

Vari Kennels or Sky Kennels

These are wonderful training crates. They enclose your dog well and let him know that he is safe. But they are hands-down the best traveling crates on the market. The first is marginally thicker, but the latter has back ventilation.

Above you can see my favorite crate. It is a "100 sized" Vari Kennel, the perfect size for traveling with my Silky Terriers. Though it looks brand new, I bought it 20 years ago. At home I like the next size up -- the 200.

My Vari has the latch closure, which I love because there are no screws to lose. Apparently some people had trouble closing the crates properly so the current kennels use screws. As long as you check them to make sure they are tight, they are fine.

Well secured in a vehicle, these crates guarantee the safety of your dog in the event of an accident. I have heard stories of show people having horrendous automobile crashes and sustaining life threatening injuries. However the dogs, safe in their crates, are absolutely fine.

Then there is the horror story from quite a few years ago of an airplane in Columbia crashing into the side of a mountain in dense fog. There was only one survivor – a German Shepherd who was in cargo, in his crate. He was bruised from bouncing down the side of the mountain, but otherwise absolutely fine.

These are also the best training crates. Dogs are den animals and feel safest in a fully enclosed space. You can get metal or even wooden crates but they are much heavier and far more expensive. Plastic is the best.

You must never use a wire crate in a car. In the event of an accident, the wires can come loose and bayonet your dog. Not safe, to say the least! Wire crates also aren't ideal as training crates, as they are too open.

Where do you find these kennels? Simple. Click on small vari kennel from Amazon. They have them available for very competitive prices, especially if you have Amazon Prime.

You may want to get several of them. In my opinion they are the very best crates.

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