World Dog Show 2012
Silky Terrier Results

For those of us used to the AKC system, the terminology of FCI International shows can be confusing. What might help is a clarification of some terms:

CACIB: means the dog or bitch winner, the one who gets a point towards their championship.

CACA: means class winner, R means Reserve.

V: means "vorseuglich" German for "excellent". SG means "sehr gut" or "very good". The 1 to 4 below refers to class placements.

I find the American connections (Blackrange, Tawny Mist and Lamplighter) very interesting.
Almost every one of the lovely champions shown above would be equally well received here in the US. Congrats to all the winners!

Best, Sandy 

World Dog Show 2012

Salzburg, Austria 18.05.2012

Judge: Martha Heine (Germany)

Male / Rüde
Junior Class / Jugendklasse
V1, CAJC, Junior World Winner Tawny Mist Star Of The Show At Bohemia Xsantia /Pebbleways Danny Boy x Tawny Mist Goldnblu Perplexed/
V2 Lu Jmva Curiosity His Royal Majesty /Curiosity Walking The Talk x Curiosity Flying Beauty/
V3 Criss Ever Damikon /Boss in Motion Silk of Bohemia x Ever More Bohemia Alké/
V4 Blue Heaven of Flying Hair /Buffy Junior of Magic Melody x Yellow-Diamond of Lying Hair/
SG Enzo Red Speed Bohemia Xsantia /Tawny Mist Take It To The Mat x Xsara de Alphaville Bohemia/

Intermediate Class / Zwischenklasse
V1, CACA, r. CACIB Finnegan z Hedvábného domu /Tawny Mist Original Sin x Boogaboo z Hedvábného domu/

Open Class / Offene Klasse
V1, CACA Tawny Mist Wind Dancer Sven /Tawny Mist Wind Dancer On Bet x Tawny Mist Keaj´s Sol Chaser/
SG2 Edelgrey-Blue of Jadugo /Buffy Junior of Magic Melody x Majolian Ambre-Jadugo/

Champion Class / Championklasse World Dog Show 2012
V1, CACA, CACIB, World Winner, BOB Curiosity Luxury Affair /Curiosity Luxury of Silk x Curiosity Flying Beauty/
V2, r. CACA Curiosity Winner Take´s It /Shalee Blackrange Bedecked x Curiosity Shake The Room/
V3 Jackpot Lucky Boy /Noisy Company Magnifico x Dzerimi Weri Velevet/
V4 Brouček Krásná Louka /Febure Bohemia Alké x Witch Bohemia Alké/
V Blue Edition Silky of Bohemia /Curiosity Royal Edition x Excelence Ramkas/
V Curiosity Royal Mission /Curiosity Royal Edition x Curiosity Lady At Nanasilk/

V Diamondust of Silky´s dream /Karlyermai Trail Blaza x Alana of Silky´s dream/

V Karlyermai Aussie Ambition /Karlyermai Dragon Slayer x Karlyermai Belle Starr/
V Kayesem Golden King Aust /Kayesem Cracker x Kayesem Glory/

Veteran Class / Vteranenklasse
V1, Veteran World Winner Stenilja Quick Trick /Allannette Casanova x Stenilja Nora´s Net News/
V2 My Legend Will Roy /Darsa´s Robin Hood x Karlyermai Stolen Kiss/
V3 Amadeus of Magic Melody /Beast Bufy of Danubian Channel x Isla of Silky´s Beauty/

Female / Hündin
Puppy Class
VV Stenilja Zeta Jones /Darsa Access Denied x Stenilja Ximena/

Junior Class
V1, CAJC, Junior World Winner Follow Me Boys Bohemia Xsantia /Tawny Mist Take It To The Mat x Tawny Mist Spice Girl/
V2 Curiosity Her Royal Highness /Curiosity Walking The Talk x Curiosity Shake The Room/
V3 Alibi Best Touch /Karlyermani Ticket T´Ride x Taffi-Tiffani vom zerbster Schloss/
V4 Duchess Deborah vom Zerbster Schloss /Amadeus of Magic Melody x Essie Essential de Brisilk/
SG Merlin´s Charms Caprice For You /Noisy Company Magnifico x Moonscapes´s New Star/
- absence Blue Star Queens of Athila /
- absence Crazy Chica of Flying Hair /
? Crystalline Silky of Bohemia

Intermediate Class
V1, CACA, r. CACIB Fia z Hedvábného domu /Tawny Mist Original Sin x Boogaboo z Hedvábného domu/
V2, r. CACA Lamplighter´s Cat Tail /Bendill Fitzgerald C.D. x Curiosity Bendill Salo/

Open Class
V1, CACA Merlin´s Charms Bonny /
V2, r. CACA Samanta Chluba Oli
V3 Brenti Bohemia Xsantia /
V4 Softhair´s Silver Twila Star /
SG Tawny Mist Luxury Lady At Kalareta /
- absence Eileen z Hedvábného domu /
- absence Paradise Passion The One To Keep /

Champion Class World Dog Show 2012
V1, CACA, CACIB, World Winner Curiosity Fine Valentine /
V2, r. CACA Bombix Moren Par Noster /
V3 Halisa Inferno Vitkovsk /
V4 Karlyermai Classic Touch /
- absence Tawny Mist Spice Girl /

Veteran ClassV1, Veteran World Winner Excelence Ramkas /
V2 De Majolian Silver Moon /
V3 Alana of Silky´s dream /

Australian Silky Terrier

Klasse - Class
Rüden - Male Hündinnen - Female Summe - Total
Jüngstenklasse - Puppy Class 0 1 1
Jugendklasse - Junior Class 5 8 13
Zwischenklasse - Intermediate Class 1 2 3
Offene Klasse - Open Class 2 8 10
Championklasse - Champion Class 9 5 14
Veteranenklasse - Veteran Class 3 3 6
Summe 20 27 47

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